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I’m Jenna Rainey. 

I'm an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.



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A highly creative nerd with a unique breed of humor and the proud earner of a self-bestowed award for being the world’s most curious and driven human.

Hey I'm Jenna!

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It’s like Netflix-binging Bob Ross videos, but with a dose of dry + quirky humor and fewer happy little tree references. 

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Why You Need to Stand Out to Succeed Online with Kira Hug

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Stand out among all the noise.

That's the goal, right? As the markets become more and more saturated, you want to be seen!

But if you're thinking, What's the point? There are already soooo many artists out there…lemme tell you something. There's no other you in the world and you have something uniquely special to offer.

Enter this week's guest—Kira Hug. She's a brilliant copywriter, specializing in personality-driven conversion, cofounder of The Copywriter Club, and cohost of The Copywriter Club Podcast. Kira helps small business owners package their weird, following her signature trifecta framework. So if you're just dying to know what the heck that even means, don't skip this episode! It's so so good.

We talk about how to picture yourself in a living room with the people on your email and what that can do for your copy. It's brilliant.

Kira has worked with some amazing marketers like Jasmine Star, Rick Mulready, James Wedmore, and helped them write copy for hugely successful launches. She is a master at being strategically weird and helps you define your personality within your brand so you can effectively communicate that on your website, your email copy, your sales pages, eCommerce site, etc. So if you are any type of business owner and you write any of your copy, this episode is for you.

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Stellar insights

  • [03:58] Kira talks about her journey from marketing director to entrepreneur, where it took some exploring to see what would stick.
  • [08:12] Kira believes it was the personality-filled, fun, and playful copy that was her unique ability, especially for those with corporate background who were more accustomed to formal copy.
  • [10:21] The first step to more engaging copy is getting clear on your brand personality.
  • [11:26] The first element in the “Weird Trifecta” is your personality—your tone, your sense of humor, your style.
  • [12:39] The second element is all about your values—what you care deeply about, what you have a strong opinion about.
  • [13:27] The third element is your advantage—what is your x-factor?
  • [16:00] You can adjust your weird, depending on your goal and message.
  • [17:43] When writing emails, Kira imagines a scene in your living room with food, music, furniture, and your audience. Specifics matter!
  • [22:07] You can time travel with your writing!
  • [22:49] It's equally important to consider what's happening outside that living room scene with current events.
  • [24:44] A common mistake for entrepreneurs is that oftentimes the offer itself isn't quite right and doesn't address the customer's problems and desires.
  • [26:16] Another common mistake is making your sales page seem too formulaic. Be willing to change the formula to build trust.
  • [27:26] “Sales copy is really just more about building an argument for why the other solutions aren't working and why this solution is going to be the solution.”
  • [27:59] Don't skip over the how — how you do what you do, how your service works, how you operate.
  • [30:37] This formula also works for e-commerce copywriters by just cutting down the length of the argument.


Rapid Fire Questions

What is your best time-saving hack?

It's asking for help which I struggle, I struggle to ask for help, but that is the only thing that's saving me time these days. And then also getting eight hours of sleep.

What is the best advice you've ever been given?

So this is kind of cheating, but I'm pulling out an Eleanor Roosevelt quote because even though, you know, we're not buds, I feel like her advice has helped me.  I won't read the lengthy quote, but we've all heard it. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. And so I feel like I am someone who is afraid of just about everything in life. And the only thing that's helped me grow and take on anything new is just that quote and just being like, okay, I'm terrified of this. But I have to do it because of that. And so it's just a good reminder and it never gets easier. It's like I have to look at that and think about that every time I do something new

What is the book you've recommended most to others? 

This is kind of a cheat because I know this book is number one on the New York times bestseller list. But I have recently given Untamed by Glennon Doyle and recommended it to a couple of people. And then I always go back to Linchpin by Seth Goden, which for me just changed my career and my life and my business, reading that book. So that one's worthwhile, too.


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by Jenna Rainey 

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