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Jenna Rainey

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Hey friend!

I'm Jenna Rainey.

I'm an artist, boy mom, published author, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.

Side note: I'm really good at the business side, too. 

Ten years ago, I was just beginning my watercolor journey.

With no background in art, my creativity EXPLODED when I (accidentally) came across the medium of watercolor. As the world's most avid research and learner (no joke!), I became obsessed with learning everything I could about this medium, creativity and art in general. Fast forward to today, I've taught watercolor to THOUSANDS of students all around the globe in my art retreats, in-person workshops and virtual classes. My true passion and superpower is teaching. Let me show you!

i can help because i've been there.

Jenna in the wild:

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor

Get a rundown of all my recommended supplies, learn fundamental techniques and tips including color theory and composition, and walk away feeling super confident with your new love of watercolor!

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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor

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Licensing + Collabs

My library is a unique blend of juicy and luxurious with a big dash of my keen eye for color. My specialty is bringing colors together that make the product truly one of a kind. 

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Badass CEO

I started my business in the dark ages of 2013, before the term influencer was spoken into existence. I'm a left and right brained entrepreneur who's mastered many skills in business that most throw the towel on.

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My courses are a deep-dive approach in giving you the most comprehensive breakdown on the subjects of surface pattern design and licensing, SEO, taking good pictures of your art and unlocking your best work as an artist. I'm savvy in both business and art, so really there's something for everyone!

Teach me Jenna!

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Everyday Watercolor Companion Course

My best-selling watercolor books now have a video sidekick course to help deepen your learning! It's tiny in price, but mighty in value because you know I never skimp out on the details and level of teaching!

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"Jenna gives alllll the info and shares everything she's learned!

Jenna is the real deal. She’s not just about growing her business and racking up those riches in the bank. She gives allllll the info and truly shares everything she's learned. Doesn’t hold back. It’s so refreshing to experience and you’re not being duped for the buck. She’s genuine, funny, and speaks the truth. You can trust her.”

Caroline, artist

"She's so generous, entertaining, passionate and savvy.

I’ve been following Jenna for a while now and she is filled with wisdom and super helpful tips for us creatives! She’s so generous, entertaining, passionate and savvy. She knows and generously shares the information we need because she’s done it herself from the ground up. Follow along - I’m certain you’ll be inspired.”

Aggie, creative entrepreneur

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The Small Business Advice Column

My greatest tips and advice for small business owners. Want to know my email marketing tech stack? Curious how launching works? I got you.

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My 40-page watercolor companion to help you find my best tips, resources and tutorials on the topic of watercolor!

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor

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A free class on how to scan, digitize and edit your artwork. I'll walk you through the equipment you need and the tools for cleaning up your artwork!

How to Digitize Your Artwork

After a decade of entrepreneurship, I've learned a thing or two about leadership, email marketing, social media, you name it! 

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What's Your Biggest

Uncover the biggest obstacle keeping you stuck, get a path with specific exercises to practice, and harness your full creative potential!


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Paint with me!

Everyday Watercolor

i'm a published author, folks!

A contemporary paint-every-day watercolor guide that explores foundational strokes and patterns and then builds new skills upon the foundations over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces.

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wanna paint with me in person?

A chateau in the countryside of France or a villa in Spain? Whatever country we're in, we're making sure it's picturesque and conducive to creating a flow of inspiration, amazing conversation and beautiful friendships with the other guests. Every evening we spend time connecting, doing Q&As with me on art, business, etc., eating a beautifully prepared meal by the private chef and local wines. Every detail is thought through.

(on YouTube!)

It's like binge watching Bob Ross videos on Netflix only with a slice of dry humor and an extra helping of the greatest art tips you ever did see!

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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor

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Easiest Way to Paint 10 Flowers With Watercolor!

FIVE Reasons My Art Went From Bad to Good

Watercolor Tutorial | Painting Trees Part 1

The Answer to Water Control Problems  With Watercolor






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Whether you're searching for the how-to on launching, my favorite tried-and-true email marketing or batch-working tips, you'll want to get the notebook out. I've done all of the heavy lifting for you. I've taken the courses, binged the podcasts, implemented the strategies and made the mistakes...this blog holds what I've learned and resources on what actually works.

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My Faves on the Blog!

I've got all the links for you! I've saved all of my favorite calligraphy, watercolor, design and business tools over the years and consolidated it all into one little online shop so you don't have to go digging everywhere or sliding into the DM's with "Hey, what supplies do you use?"


What Supplies I Use?

Let me guess. You're wondering...

Great News. My Third Book Is Here.

Almost! My third book, Everyday Watercolor Seashores comes out March 5, 2024 and you can now preorder the dang thing! This is by far my best book yet and has loads of inspiration from my days growing up by the beach.

preorder your copy here.

Did you know I have a podcast? If you're in need of getting your hands dirty on topics like email marketing, social media tips, selling strategies and more, tune into the show!

My Best Business Tips

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The Studio

Our Dream Space.

Since buying our 1950s dream home in February of 2022, we've been working with Designer Jen of California Casa to remodel our dream art studio and home. Take a look at the transformation of our back house (aka studio) and get a peek into our world in this beautiful space.

Hideous, outdated cabinet boxes and hardware...

The old bathroom had the weirdest layout, including a two-foot step incline to get inside.

where california surf shack meets french countryside cottage.

Kitchen Before

Bathroom Before


Ahhh, much better. Having open shelves throughout the space to display fun thrifted objects and art was a must! Also, how about that Zia Tile in the bathroom?!


We debated for weeks on whether or not to paint that ceiling white. I'm SO glad we did!

With sky lights and the added windows, I can paint and we can film our tutorials with gorgeous light!

The brass detail on the doors and the beautiful landscaping truly makes this space a full experience when you walk in.

We had custom built shelving, the movable paint island and hidden Murphy bed all done by MacBeth Millwork.

Bye Outdated Doors + Floors!

The Door

The Details!

The Natural Light!


Family? Business

DidI mention we're a

That's right! The man behind the camera for all of our YouTube Videos and online courses is this smoke show right here! John and I have been married for over 12 years and welcomed our adorable son (and cute administrative assistant) Myles to the team in 2019. Jk, obvi. No child labor here, but we make a pretty cute team, don't we?

Interview with John on My Podcast!

John takes over my YouTube Channel

Interview on Friends With Health Benefits

If you wanna hear more of our story, check these out:


Love My Style And Need The Links?

I love expressing myself and translating my art skills into fashion skills. I also get asked about my makeup/skincare everyday, so I got ya covered!

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