Jenna Rainey

Illustrator + Calligrapher

Artist and influencer Jenna Rainey inspires a generation of creatives to make art every day, even if (as she puts it) “it sucks.” She teaches her carefree and colorful style of watercolor and calligraphy by hosting workshops around the world and bringing her always authentic, not-afraid-to-be-silly personality to online tutorials and how-to books. She founded Jenna Rainey Design Studio through which she licenses her vivid hand-painted designs to some of her favorite lifestyle brands. Also: she admits to being a terrible whistler because, you know, we can’t all be good at all things.
Jenna’s Insta-fame began in 2013 with a box of watercolors, an iPhone and a few clever hashtags. Snaps of her vivid watercolor florals captured the attention of social media and soon she was inspiring a return-to-watercolor movement. Never expecting to follow in the footsteps of her artist mom, within five years, she turned her creative talent into a lifestyle brand with a pulse. Today, the acclaimed artist and designer brings her carefree attitude about art and her personable style to workshops around the world, online tutorials and Instagram, where she has a growing fan base of 160K+.

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