Learn how to paint anything!

The Art Within

A comprehensive, step-by-step course blending technique and fundamentals with teaching you how to take your ideas and create your own unique work.

Sick of watching YouTube tutorials and not getting the results you want? This comprehensive course walks you through the techniques you need to become a master artist.

From composition and color theory to sketching techniques and elements of style, I'm walking you through my fun step-by-step process of learning how to create artwork you really love.

Let's make some masterpieces.


art school

A deep dive on the foundations, color theory, perspective and more! Like going to actual art school, but better!


Style school

Knowing how to analyze your art and the world around you through the 8 elements of style to find your unique voice!


FLOW school

All the tools, tips and resources for helping your drop into flow state to create your best work and to always know what to do when you don't know what to paint!

the art within

Take A Look Inside 

If you're looking for:

Art school without the cost

Take it from our students who've graduated from art school and say this course taught them way more!

instruction on how to find your style

There's a process, principles and steps to finding your style. Let me walk you through it all!

confidence when you pick up the brush

No more needing Instagram or YouTube tutorials to find something to paint, with the lessons from this course, the ideas will be overflowing!

Great News. This Course Has It All.

Join me and over 1,000 students from all over the world in fine tuning your art skills and finding your unique voice in your creativity!

Let's do this.

Celine found new inspiration

"This is the perfect course for artists who are stuck and feel uncreative!"

Furthermore, you do a deep dive into sketching from basics to advance and I feel like Section 2 ("Art School") alone is worth the price of the entire course!

Maureen's mind is blown

"The sketching and shading in segment two is mind blowing."

I’m spending days on it and taking my time. There is so much to learn!!!"

Melinda Mclaughlin

Jenna and crew nailed it. I’m an old woman at this stage of the game and happy to be so. Fortunately, negative self talk is not much of an issue for me as it was in younger years! I’ve also enjoyed a 40 year yoga practice, so my breathing and staying present in the moment are well trained. I so appreciate what the first four lessons can provide to anyone (young or old) and could have put them to good use over the years! AND, the first lesson on lines was an eye opener! So very pleased I was able to enroll.

Shira Miles

Omg Jenna! I'm so happy for you! And for myself! And for everyone who's gonna take
this course!

I just finished the introduction to EFT tapping with Andrea, and let me
just tell you: WOW.

I've been practicing mindfulness and meditation for some years now, but
never heard of tapping before. That was so insightful and fascinating and inspiring and just spot on.

I've been dealing with perfectionism and imposter syndrome for almost my entire life, and the demo she did was so on point and helpful, and I'm just grateful for being introduced with this method.

Natalie Todd

The Art Within…wow, what a wonderful, and comprehensive, and valuable (and super great value) course. I have only done the first few lessons - I am about to start the Foundations module but I am loving it so far. Thank you for setting it up. I am also super pleased about it because I am starting a new art journey and, by following the Art Within and getting my flow in flow, I will be able to create the art that I want to take further with the help of the B+B course. Win - win!

"This is so incredibly helpful. I finished art school last year and NO, they do not teach you this."

- Heather dawson

What's Included?

Unlimited access to all course material

45+ video lessons (roughly 15 hours)

Handouts and resources page

Guest Expert sessions and interviews

Go at your own pace!

“I'm only a few sessions in and already I'm finding a feeling of openness that I haven't felt before.

The tapping lesson was really helpful and I'm psyched to dig into the lessons!"

Heidi van rossom says...

Yes, It Really Works

“I believe everyone has creativity inside them, they just need to tap into it, and this course will help unlock it!

The Art Within immediately spoke to my soul. Jenna managed to seamlessly intertwine my two current passions, psychology and art."

Kristine Tran loves it...

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

If you're ready for better results in your work, knowledge on principles of composition, color theory, developing your style and so much more...what are you waiting for?!