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I’m Jenna Rainey. 

I'm an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.



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Jenna Rainey




To unlocking flow and your full creative potential by following an in-depth, 4-step process to artistic recovery

IT'S TIME YOU FINALLY Took your art up a notch


You can either continue to beat yourself up and compare your work to every artist on social media (which makes you feel more stuck)

...or you replicate other artist's work and get stuck in the "copy machine" trap and wonder why you're unable to come up with your own ideas

...or you spend thousands of hours scouring the internet for every tutorial or how-to book to finally learn everything you possibly can about art

...or you can finally discover the secret to unlocking a deeper and more profound spiritual practice while also discovering your style and best work!

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.

It's time to break free from your creative rut and discover 

The Art Within

"I started The Art Within 2 days ago and I have to say, your courses keep getting better and better!! This is the perfect course for artists who are stuck and feel uncreative!"

- Celine Rahim

"Furthermore, you do a deep dive into sketching from basics to advance and I feel like Section 2 alone is worth the price of the entire course!"

Imagine This:

Creating Work You're Proud Of

Every time you sat down to paint, you knew exactly what to create and the work just flowed...

You Found Your Style

And painting felt fulfilling, effortless, restful and fun again...

Growth On All Levels

And because it's so effortless to create new work, you began unlocking parts of your brain where more blocks and blindspots were present

The 4-step process to mastering the foundations and using the science of flow state to unlock your inner artist and create your best original work.

The Art Within


read the course curriculum here!


Identify your core beliefs—thoughts and mindset—that either strain you or allow your true self to confidently shine through. Start to break through the mental blocks and recover a sense of connection and identity with your creativity.

Section one:

Read the course curriculum here!

The Foundations

13 video lessons covering drawing and sketching foundations, color theory, composition, watercolor drills, and more to help you train your hands and develop the motor skills needed for accessing flow state.

SEction two:

Read the course curriculum here!

Flow state

Mental training exercises, guided meditations, expert interviews, and a deep dive into the neuroscience behind flow. The exact tools for training your mind, opening your heart and developing a deeper skill for meditation, painting and all things flow.

Section three:

Read the course curriculum here!


All the tips behind getting your body in line with your art to help create your best work. I'll be discussing Circadian Medicine, sunlight and how the power of eating real food can unlock major potential with your art.

section Four:





Four Steps to Creative Freedom!

Developing and training your muscles and eye in everything from perspective drawing to composition and color theory

Deep dive on the science of flow state and methods to implement into your practice to help boost flow state in your art practice

Going beyond your art practice and boosting creativity through nutrition, sunlight and other modalities

Breaking through and resetting your core thought patterns and beliefs

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13 hours of video training (40+ videos) plus handouts covering corresponding information, worksheets and prompts

in-depth video training

Guest expert interviews with doctors, guided meditations, drills and more! We get a little science-y with some of the experts!

We talk to the experts!

Ongoing access to the course, and any updates we add in the future (at no extra cost!), so go at your own pace!

unlimited access

what's inside the course?

I'm an award winning artist and designer, the best-selling author of Everyday Watercolor and Everyday Watercolor Flowers, YouTube educator with over 272K subscribers and a Scorpio rising who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.

I want in, Jenna!

Ten years ago, I was just beginning my watercolor journey.

With no background in art, my creativity EXPLODED when I came across (accidentally) the medium of watercolor. As the worlds most avid research and learner (no joke!), I became obsessed with learning everything I could about this medium, creativity and art in general. Fast forward to today, I've taught THOUSANDS of students all around the globe in my art retreats, in-person workshops and virtual classes the wonderful world of watercolor and more. My true passion and super power is teaching. Let me show you!

i can help because i've been there

in the wild:

And that's why I believe I'm here.

What is my purpose? Why am I here? What do I love to do? And on a more subtle level, I was looking for ways to bring calm and grounding throughout my daily life and stresses. When I found art, I had no idea I was unlocking something that would truly change my life, my personal relationships, my mindset and more. I had no idea that art gave me the tools and access to becoming more present with my life, more attentive and immersed in the beauty around me and ultimately the ability to find The Art Within me.

Art found me when I was lost and confused about the direction for my life.

Myrna Martin

I am no stranger to flow state and have studied and practiced it to varying degrees over the past couple of decades. However, The Art Within looks to be one of the most comprehensive approaches to exploring and activating this state I have found!

The Praise is Rolling In!

Maureen Lake, MA

The sketching and shading in segment two is mind blowing. I’m spending days on it and taking my time. There is so much to learn!!!

Celine Rahim

I started The Art Within 2 days ago and I have to say, your courses keep getting better and better!! This is the perfect course for artists who are stuck and feel uncreative!

Furthermore, you do a deep dive into sketching from basics to advance and I feel like Section 2 alone is worth the price of the entire course!

First Impressions

Chlayne Fellows

I am currently working through the “Foundations” module of the course and so far it has been amazing. There are a lot of courses out there but most are focused solely on the art. I love that this course is a whole body & soul art experience. I really enjoyed the EFT tapping session with Andrea and am looking forward to the rest of the course!  

Heidi Van Rossum

I'm only a few sessions in and already I'm finding a feeling of openness that I haven't felt before. The tapping lesson was really helpful and I'm psyched to dig into the lessons!

Rachel E.

I was on the fence (because of finances and habits of buying the thing and not DOING the thing…) but jumped in (under the wire!) because I couldn’t get it off my mind… and I’m SO happy I did!!

I was afraid I would spend the money and not follow through but your course has drawn me in and I’m already addicted! 

"Completely life-changing!"

- Samar a.

Samar anqud

Jenna! Started The Art Within and already I know this is exactly what I need at this very moment in my life. Only got up to Andrea's part - and that was such a welcome release of some of the feelings that have been weighing me down.

You and your courses are a gift!!

Kristine Tran

For my whole life, I was told that art would never get me anywhere, but her experience is an inspiration. The Art Within immediately spoke to my soul. She managed to seamlessly intertwine my two current passions, psychology and art. I believe everyone has creativity inside them, they just need to tap into it, and this course will help unlock it!

Maria José Arguedas

As an architect and artist I always struggle because my rational-left side of the brain has always been dominant. But just taking a quick look and watching some of the content of this course I know this is what I need to understand how my body works and how I can encourage my creative moments.

Also, your interview with Dr. Lara Salyer: 🤯🤯🤯

Melinda Mclaughlin

Jenna and crew nailed it. I’m an old woman at this stage of the game and happy to be so. Fortunately, negative self talk is not much of an issue for me as it was in younger years! I’ve also enjoyed a 40 year yoga practice, so my breathing and staying present in the moment are well trained. I so appreciate what the first four lessons can provide to anyone (young or old) and could have put them to good use over the years! AND, the first lesson on lines was an eye opener! So very pleased I was able to enroll.

Shira Miles

Omg Jenna! I'm so happy for you! And for myself! And for everyone who's gonna take
this course!

I just finished the introduction to EFT tapping with Andrea, and let me
just tell you: WOW.

I've been practicing mindfulness and meditation for some years now, but
never heard of tapping before. That was so insightful and fascinating and inspiring and just spot on.

I've been dealing with perfectionism and imposter syndrome for almost my entire life, and the demo she did was so on point and helpful, and I'm just grateful for being introduced with this method.

Natalie Todd

The Art Within…wow, what a wonderful, and comprehensive, and valuable (and super great value) course. I have only done the first few lessons - I am about to start the Foundations module but I am loving it so far. Thank you for setting it up. I am also super pleased about it because I am starting a new art journey and, by following the Art Within and getting my flow in flow, I will be able to create the art that I want to take further with the help of the B+B course. Win - win!

"This is so incredibly helpful. I finished art school last year and NO they do not teach you this."

- Heather dawson

Not Skimpin' on the Details!

✔ 40+ video lessons—approximately 13 hours—in the course, 8 handouts, and a complete resources page

✔ A deep dive on the foundations for sketching, composition, color theory, watercolor and developing your style

✔ Perspective drawing hacks and daily drills that will develop the brain pathways and motor skills for flow state

✔ Guided meditations and breath work exercises that will help unlock your creativity...yes, even if you SUCK at meditation

✔ Mental training exercises to help release your intuition and quiet the voice of Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt

✔ Tips and daily practices for finding meaning and purpose in your art

✔ Support your body on a quantum, cellular level with guest experts in order to boost creativity, inspiration, joy and more!

filed in:

Sneak peeks!

Don't be kicking yourself a year from now wishing you pursued your art dreams (different from "pipe dreams")!

so let's get started!

"There was not one thing that I did not like about the course. Every piece of it was important to me."

- Kristy Callahan

I loved the entire course. It aligned with my life and my practices in my daily life. It will help my watercolor practice. I truly was sad when I came to the end if the course.

"I absolutely loved the entire Flow section." 

- Brittainy Lute

If you are even considering joining, just do it! This course is worth it. You can tell how hard Jenna and everyone worked on this, there is loads of information, and wonderful people to meet in the course (Jessica Stone being my absolute favorite, I love her!). Knowledge is power and there is so much in this course that has helped me and gave me the push I needed to take back my mind and my life again. 

"Better than art school!"

"The Foundations Section ALONE was worth the price."

This section is 15 in-depth video lessons focusing on drawing, shading, understanding perspective and vantage point, axis point, color theory and composition and more. I haven't shared this info anywhere else on my YouTube or Patreon and it will change your outlook on art DRAMATICALLY. So much so that we've received messages about this section from previous art school grads saying: "They never taught me this in art school! 🤯"

Enroll now!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on different learning styles

Expansion, flow and growth

Follow expert guidance

What have you got to lose?

I want you to love it. And trust me, I get it. Even the smallest of investments can sometimes cause your tummy to swirl. To take away all of that risk, I'm giving you a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

So if you jump in on this amazing course today you are 100% covered by our 14-day money back guarantee. All you have to do between the day you purchase and the next 13 days is email us and let us know (in good faith!) that the program wasn't a good fit for you.

14-day Guarantee



This   for you if...

You're looking for an art therapy program or replacement for one.

You find meditation or breathwork silly or too "new age." Trust me, I used to think this, too.

You aren't open to trying new things and practicing new habits.

You're just looking for how-to art tutorials to follow and copy.

This is    for you if...

You're willing to do some deep work.

You are open to trying modalities such as meditation, flow state exercises and others to clear up blocks.

You're ready to put in the work (and see the results!).

You're passionate about art and creating beauty.

When does the course start?

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll be emailed with access!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for any level? Or just beginners/advanced artists?

Absolutely any level! This isn't your average art course. This is a go-at-your-own-pace style course and we cover all the right things for every level.

I don't like to meditate, is this for me?

There's SO much more than meditation in this course, but even still, meditation takes effort. You won't be good at it or like it at first, but it's an amazing tool for deepening your presence and observation skills with your art!

Will this course help me with X diagnosis/condition?

This course is for information and educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute any psychological or medical help/assistance. Have I seen improvements in my mental and physical health since implementing these tools and modalities? Yes. Absolutely.

How long do I get access for the course?

The course is all self-led! You'll have ongoing access for the lifetime of the course. You can watch the videos and go through the material at your own pace! Watch however slowly or quickly or as many times as you want!

Do I need any supplies/tech for the course?

Besides a device to watch the course videos, a large section of the course is all about sketching and watercolor foundations. You will want a pencil, eraser, journal/sketchbook and watercolor supplies!

Does the course come with a community?

The course is self-led with a lot of guidance/exercises/drills built into the videos and handouts, but you're welcome to join Patreon to join my art community!

What's the difference between the course and your Patreon/YouTube?

So much. This course covers unlocking flow state and dismantling creative blocks to create your best work. There are art tutorials in here, but they're very pointed and direct on initiating flow state and developing the motor skills necessary for all of the above.

I paint with a different medium other than watercolor. Will this still apply?

Absolutely! This section is mostly working your sketching and observance muscles more than specific art techniques.