Licensing Your Artwork

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Interested in learning how to design repeat patterns? Whether you should work with an agent? Or how to start booking your dream collabs?

I've gathered some of my best podcast episodes, blog posts, free resources and more on the topic!

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What's a key ingredient to less custom work as an artist? Licensing!

I'm here to show you the recipe for success in art licensing! It must be so hard Googling your brains out for all the tips, coming up empty handed or even more lost and confused on where to start. So I decided to make things easier for ya by giving you my...

Resources on digitizing and editing your artwork so you can start making patterns and pitching your work

Interviews and tips from licensing agents, surface pattern designers and more

OH YEAH, and mind-blowing, kick-ass info on what makes a successful art licensing biz

free design training!

How to Scan and Digitize Your Artwork!

This is the first step to art licensing and building a business as a surface pattern designer. You gotta know how to scan and digitize your artwork!

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7 Examples of Ways to License Your Artwork

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Is Licensing For Me? :
The Checklist

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The Licensing must-reads

Brand Plus Brand

Ready to start an art licensing business and learn pattern design?

Great! We have a course for that!

A Video Walk-Through!

Like Costco free samples, I've got a taste test for you! Hit play on the video and I'll show you through the course! What lessons are included in each module, what the member area looks like, a peek at the handouts and more!

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Clients: Blue Sky Planners, Pixar, Lovevery, LittleSleepies and More!

I've taught hundreds of thousands of students online through my courses and tutorials and have (organically!) grown my Instagram to over 221K followers. My work can be found in major retail stores and online collabs with Staples, Target, Pixar, LittleSleepies, Toki Mats, Casetify and more!

Jenna Rainey | Artist and print designer

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"Jenna gives alllll the info and shares everything she's learned!

Jenna is the real deal. She’s not just about growing her business and racking up those riches in the bank. She gives allllll the info and truly shares everything she's learned. Doesn’t hold back. It’s so refreshing to experience and you’re not being duped for the buck. She’s genuine, funny, and speaks the truth. You can trust her.”

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"She's so generous, entertaining, passionate and savvy.

I’ve been following Jenna for a while now and she is filled with wisdom and super helpful tips for us creatives! She’s so generous, entertaining, passionate and savvy. She knows and generously shares the information we need because she’s done it herself from the ground up. Follow along - I’m certain you’ll be inspired.”

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