Mom & CEO: Can You Be Both?

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Mom & CEO: Can You Be Both?



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Being a mom and CEO is incredibly challenging, there’s no question about it.

Since 2012, I’ve identified myself as a business owner, artist, and designer who earns a good living doing something that I love. Once I became a mom to my now 1.5 year old son, EVERYTHING changed.

If you’re a parent, then you know allll about those first few months of parenthood—the sleepless nights, the 30 minutes a day you get to shower and get some work done, and the mom/dad guilt.

But really…can you be both a parent and CEO? Absolutely yes. In my experience, the rewards of both have always outweighed the challenges.

To all my parents and business owners (or aspiring business owners) out there…you’ve got this!

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Little Pearls of Wisdom

  • [01:50] Maternity leave exists for a reason.
  • [04:35] Nap times can turn you into an efficient and productive superwoman and you make decisions faster.
  • [05:30] You learn a lot about harmony, flexibility, and how to ask for help.
  • [05:55] Don’t compare yourself to the images you see on Instagram of the “perfectly curated family”…there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Protect your space and unfollow if you have to.
  • [07:15] If you can’t hire a nanny, think of ways to automate your business or your work.


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