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Make Your Own Natural Watercolor Paints

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A few months ago, I stumbled upon the world of creating natural watercolor paint from soil and minerals and elements you’d find from this beautiful earth. It immediately made me SOOO excited to learn more for my work.

You know that feeling when you’re learning something new and you immediately become obsessed?! Yea. That’s what happened.

Consequently, I wanted to start incorporating a more intentional and meaningful process to my art.

But don’t worry—I definitely don’t plan on ditching my longtime Winsor and Newton BFFs. I’ve just always appreciated the natural things from this earth and love the surge of inspiration I get after mulling and mixing MY OWN paint!

So, by now, if I’ve piqued your interest enough, you might be wondering…well where do I get the supplies to do this myself?? There are a lot of amazing businesses—bit and small—making natural pigments. One of my favorites is Natural Earth Paint (I loved it so much I became an affiliate. This is my link which means I may earn a small commission for purchases using my link at no extra cost to you. And you know I’m super picky!)

I bought their “Watercolor Kit” that includes some mineral pigments, gum arabic, the muller, surface to mix on and a palette knife for mixing! This was definitely the best kit to start with for me to get my feet wet before actually foraging and sourcing my own elements to grind down into pigments. 😉

Check out the videos below to see how I mixed my very first pigment and later I show you how it turned out!

mixing my own natural watercolor paint


00:00 – Intro
01:48 – DISCLAIMER and why I’m doing this…
02:53 – Supplies I’m using and where they’re from.
04:07 – Starting with mixing the watercolor base.
07:50 – Some pigment nasties talk.
08:50 – Base mixed good, moving on…
09:17 – How I felt most of the time we filmed…
09:28 – Measuring the watercolor base and adding more honey.
09:50 – Bc who doesn’t love time-lapse unnecessary counters??
11:00 – Why not add all the honey in first place? Comment if you know!
11:14 – People probably commenting/thinking…
11:37 – Getting little trays out and ready…
13:24 – Slowly sliding down the tube, “byeee, you’re gonna be paint soon.”
14:00 – THE POUR. (Really the moment you want to see).
15:05 – “I’m making paint!!!!!!!!!”
15:50 – Mixing with the muller now! So fun!!
16:33 – “That’s so cooooooooooool!!!”
17:13 – How long for mixing with muller?
17:53 – Time for ASMR time lapse paint mixing.
18:18 – Now time to scoop-scoop.
20:05 – “I’m gonna have this color for decades…”
21:30 – Closing thoughts on making paint!

The Big Reveal


00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Testing if the paint stays strong when dry.
01:45 – Let’s paint with it!
03:30 – Thoughts on differences between this and my W&N
06:00 – IDK if it’s because my mixture is off, but…


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