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When to Do Free Work

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Have you ever received an email or DM or text from a friend asking you for help on a creative project…for free?

Or maybe it was in exchange for a hug or some exposure.

It can be a tough situation!

In this episode, I talk about what to consider when asked for free work.

Because in my experience there may be a time and a place for it! In all honesty, doing some free work what got my business off the ground.

But you do want to be careful and not devalue yourself so there are good things to keep in mind when you get these requests.

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Little Pearls of Wisdom

  • [01:42] When I started in wedding stationery, I reached out to wedding planners and photographers to pitch styled shoots.
  • [03:00] First, consider the incentive and if it’s worth it to me. Calculate what the price should be and see if the value matches with the proposed incentive.
  • [05:06] Ask clarifying questions about the scope of the job so expectations are clear from the beginning and you can be clear on your boundaries.
  • [06:53] Flip a coin. And if lands on yes, notice how you feel and that intuition will be very insightful.
  • [08:55] Be careful to not get stuck in the cycle of doing the free work and watering down the market.


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