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Pinterest® Hacks that Will Make You and Your Work More Discoverable

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Pinterest is a search engine—an amazing free tool that you can use as a creative entrepreneur to boost organic search traffic, generate new leads, and attract new customers.

In other words, it helps MORE people discover you and your beautiful work!

In this short episode, I’m giving you my 3 tips to help you optimize your pinning strategy.

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Little Pearls of Wisdom

  • [01:15] Tip #1: Define your ideal customer—interest, style, hobbies, etc.
  • [02:35] Tip #2: Do keyword research directly on Pinterest and document your findings in a spreadsheet.
  • [04:24] Tip #3: Create pins that use those keywords in the titles and descriptions.
  • [05:28] Don’t pin 1 and be done! Test and tweak different images, keywords, and copy!
  • [06:30] Switch to a business account so that you can analyze your metrics.


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