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Mountain Lake Landscape

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Who loves watercolor landscapes?

They can be so much fun to paint, I admit. It transports you to another place and time full of memories from a past trip or excitement for an adventure still to come.

In this tutorial, we’re painting a simple and beautiful mountain landscape along a lake with details like clouds, mountain shading, and reflections in the water.


Music license acquired from Artlist



00:00 – Intro
00:39 – What we’re doing and supplies to use.
01:56 – How to sketch two perspectives.
07:18 – The eraser that feels like childhood.
08:01 – Side facing sunflower sketch.
11:18 – Sketches done, ready to paint!
15:57 – Jenna’s sunflower field experience.
17:45 – Behind petals, shadow work.
18:31 – How Jenna REALLY feels about sunflowers…
18:50 – Completed unrelated talk while painting…
20:30 – Darkening tops of the petals.
21:02 – John’s encouragement.
21:52 – Now for “stemmy-stem”
22:53 – Reference photos vs. painting from basic shapes.
24:32 – Details on petals.
27:01 – What makes a strong couple? Here’s our secret.
27:47 – Jenna, where does the color yellow rank?
29:54 – Adding light shadow to the “topper flowers” haha
30:45 – Here’s a gold nugget painting tip.
32:12 – You’re kind of like lady Van Gogh rn.
32:38 – Side-facing Sunflower time!
33:46 – Let’s talk accents (question for our global viewers!)
35:50 – Anyways, back to flower talk.
36:45 – Talking blending and overlapping colors.
38:11 – Are you having fun?
38:28 – John takes over teaching.
39:03 – This conversation should’ve been on another video??
39:54 – Talking dark petals.
40:47 – Shadows, then water to blend…
42:54 – Jenna, did your morning exercise give you inspiration today?
44:29 – Now on to the green parts.
44:53 – That takes me to the barn; to the country.
47:16 – Dry brush work and subtle (yet important!) lines.
48:39 – Stamen time! Or… bulb time. Someone correct me.
50:08 – Closing thoughts on the sunflowers.
27:58 – “Nothing too crazy.” *proceeds to go crazy*
28:56 – Closing thoughts.


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