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The importance of an email list

The Importance of an Email List

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The importance of an email list is something I cannot stress enough! Especially when our economy is experiencing a downturn at the moment and customers are staying in doors, how are you as a business owner staying front of mind with your clients/customers?

If you’re still scratching your head and asking, “why start an email list? Email is dead!”…think again!

Email is the only way to *algorithm proof* your biz and allow you to keep in contact with your potential and existing customers! Creating an email list is the KEY to sustainability and helping you weather any storm that comes along.


If you’re able to effectively nurture and develop relationships with your subscribers, the results and impact this can have on your brand and income is incredible!

So, when should you start an email list? NOW! Even if you’re just starting a business, email should be your focus! The thing with email is, it compounds over time…the more you nurture it, the more it will grow! It’s like my mom’s garden…she’s got such a good green thumb! 🙂

So, back to the importance of an email list…how do I start an email list?

Step One:

Create an account with an email service provider. I always recommend Convertkit because it’s incredibly user friendly (compared to most others), and it’s affordable for the flexibility and capabilities that you get.

Sign up for account with ConvertKit here! 
(This is my affiliate link which means I get a small kickback if you purchase. This helps support all the free content I love sharing with you. And don’t you worry—I fully vetted it and stand behind it 100%). 

Step Two:

Sign up for my FREE email list training! Yes. Free. No sales pitch, no nothing.

I walk you through how to create an evergreen funnel, how to design an opt-in form and embed it on your website, or what to create if you don’t have a website, AND MORE!

Check out that free training HERE and start building your email list from scratch!

Still a skeptic? Let’s have a glance at how my email list has affected my business over the years:

Over the last 3 years, I’ve generated over $350,000 directly from my email list…which is MUCH smaller than my flashy Instagram following! I’ve been able to develop relationships and deeper intel about my audience and their needs and have grown my business 5x each year, directly because of my email list.

Related: Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Course Launch. How I used my email list to generate 65% of my income during a launch!

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