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I’m Jenna Rainey. 

I'm an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.



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A highly creative nerd with a unique breed of humor and the proud earner of a self-bestowed award for being the world’s most curious and driven human.

Hey I'm Jenna!

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It’s like Netflix-binging Bob Ross videos, but with a dose of dry + quirky humor and fewer happy little tree references. 

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How to Start a Side Hustle in 2024

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It seems like EVERYBODY has a side hustle now (and that’s not a complaint!). In fact, in a blog post a few weeks ago where I shared money management tips for creative business owners, I shared how I also always have a side hustle idea in my back pocket just in case (despite running a successful art business for over a decade). So today, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through how to start a side hustle in 2024 (and share a ton of extra resources along the way).

Below I’m going to tell you exactly what I’d prioritize if I wanted to start a side hustle in 2024, but if you’re looking for more detailed and technical advice on starting a creative business, head to this post here!

woman trying to start a side hustle in the art industry

Decide on your niche and craft a business plan

It sounds obvious, but your first step if you want to start a side hustle in 2024 is deciding on your niche and writing a business plan. I’m a big fan of messy action, and I don’t think you need to have everything figured out from the very beginning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be intentional from the beginning. Starting small (with a niche) is a great way to become known for something and build momentum quickly, which is key to making money faster.

Listen, I know that writing a business plan might not be the most exciting thing, but it’s so worth doing. I created this FREE business plan template to get you started to make it a little easier. Grab it here.

Invest in a professional website

What? For a side hustle? I can already hear the questions coming at me through the screen but YES, if you want to make real money through a side hustle, investing in a professional website is one of the first things that I would do. And guess what? We are hosting a Website Design Workshop next month, so you can get yourself on the waitlist here to learn the latest (and I’d like to believe the greatest) when it comes to easy, money-making websites in 2024. 

The TL;DR version of my website thoughts are this:

  • Showit is the best website builder for creatives and you can use code JENNARAINEY for a free month (Read more: Which Website Platform to Choose? Showit vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress )
  • With Showit, it’s worth investing in a HIGH-QUALITY template (they are not all created equal). My personal favorite is Tonic Site Shop, and you can use code JENNA for 15% off.
  • I started my own business selling art on Etsy, and while I’m not trying to bash Etsy, controlling your client experience and SEO (that stands for search engine optimization – which influences how likely you are to get in front of new people on Google) is SO worth the initial investment.

Invest in visuals 

It might feel like I’m asking you to spend a lot of money right now (we will dive into how to set your pricing next so you can make that money back!), but the next thing you want to invest in is high-quality visuals. In order to get people to buy from you, your work needs to STAND OUT, plain and simple. 

If you’re an artist, grab my Photograph Your Artwork mini course where I walk you through my four step process to styling, composition, lighting and editing your photos so that you can “wow” website visitors and your Instagram scrollers (all with your smartphone).

Learn bookkeeping basics + set your pricing 

Again, with the left brain stuff. The truth is, there is NO better time to get those bookkeeping skills on lock than when you first start a side hustle in 2024. And while I won’t go into exactly what learning bookkeeping basics entails here, I do break it down over here for you! I can promise you I hate bookkeeping just as much as you do (if not more) so I wouldn’t include it on this list if it wasn’t REALLY important.

Next, let’s talk about setting your pricing for PROFIT (which is fun right?). When you first set out to start a side hustle in 2024, you might be tempted to charge a “little less” than what your competition charges but let me just say, that’s a MISTAKE. In fact, not knowing how to set your prices is one of the biggest mistakes that I see creative business owners make. But I know that if you’re looking to start a side hustle, there’s a good chance you want to be paid (and ideally – paid WELL) for the work that you’re about to do, right? So here’s my formula for finding YOUR price as an artist or creative business owner.

Find a mentor right from the start

Entrepreneurship is a JOURNEY, and as much as it can feel like unlimited possibilities right now (and I hope that it does!), you have a huge opportunity to start your business off on the right foot right now. My last (but not least) piece of advice for you as you start a side hustle in 2024 is to find a mentor you trust to guide you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I have more advice on finding the right mentor for you here.

finding a mentor to start a side hustle

Reinvesting as you grow your business

Finally, I always want to say that in the early stages, it’s smart to plan to reinvest at least some of your initial profits back into the business. This isn't about pouring resources into a bottomless pit, but rather, being intentional about growth. I’ve recommended a few things above that YES, cost money upfront, but the idea is that they will pay off for you time and time again (let’s use your website as an example – a good template can last you for YEARS). While it might feel like a sacrifice right now, trust me when I say that STRATEGIC investments are well worth it (especially when you are in the early stages!). Cheering you on!

by Jenna Rainey 

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