5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

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5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

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Have you ever felt a lack of inspiration and motivation and just utterly burnt out?

I have. More than once, too. And these feelings are especially common in the creative community with all the noise and competition.

Burnout can affect more than just your work—it can impact your relationships, sleep, mood, and health. (I speak from experience.)

In this episode, I give you my best 5 tips for getting more clarity, direction, motivation, creative inspiration, and excitement back to your work.


Little Pearls of Wisdom

  • [02:30] Burnout can last minutes, days, or even seasons.
  • [03:10] Tip 1: Go outside, go for a walk, be in nature, get vitamin D, move your body.
  • [04:50] Tip 2: Do a SWOT analysis to help eliminate unnecessary work and delegate more.
  • [07:35] Tip 3: Manage and get control of your thought life (aka mindset) and manage stress. Breathe.
  • [11:05] Tip 4: Forget balance and find harmony—find something that feeds your soul. The harmony is different for every person and every season
  • [13:35] Tip 5: Schedule free time and non-negotiables.
  • [16:10] It’s all about building habits and sticking to them. Yes, even if you’re type B like me.


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