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Paint the World Map with Watercolor

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In this step-by-step watercolor tutorial, I will teach you how to paint a world map for Earth Day! And if you’re watching this any other day of the year, we can always be celebrating earth since it is the beautiful place we all call home.

And since there are a lot of details in this painting that requires patience, you’ll hear some good ole’ Jenna and John banter about the wonderful places we’ve been very fortunate to visit. So grab your brushes and come paint with us!


Music license acquired from Artlist


00:00​ – Intro and Disclaimer
01:25​ – Sketching tips using a Lightbox for tracing.
03:48​ – Supplies I am using.
04:52​ – What I’m focusing on in this piece…
05:32​ – Painting begins with Alaska and chatting wet-on-wet.
06:43​ – Is Jenna really THAT bad at geography?!
08:23​ – Talking fun fade looks.
09:30​ – Geography skills already glowing…
10:06​ – Love to our northern neighbors and chatting book tour.
11:48​ – John has an idea (we hope you like it).
12:18​ – Rainey’s aren’t good at these things…
12:30​ – Talking Canada experiences.
13:14​ – Anyone know what this is?
13:29​ – How could Jenna almost forget… Now let’s talk trips there…
14:24​ – “You’re such a mom.” John points out to Jenna.
15:12​ – Lily pad islands bring up an interesting (and dumb) question…
16:09​ – More wet-on-wet stuff to know…
16:45​ – John feelin’ like an idiot.
17:13​ – “Now we’re goin down to South America.”
17:23​ – Leaving that out on Earth Day?! Wow… We still love you tho!
17:52​ – Sadly, no trips to South America, BUT… Let’s talk Mexico!
18:51​ – We LOVE Tulum but they have a WHAT season?!
20:21​ – Getting to the bottom of this.
20:40​ – Color update: where we’re at in color fade.
21:00​ – The internet is amazing, let’s learn about Greenland.
22:54​ – Color update.
23:36​ – Did you just point to ___ and say ___?!
24:24​ – “Can I just say something?” asks John.
25:49​ – Let’s paint Europe and talk adventures!
26:16​ – We spent a summer in Germany…
27:19​ – Magical 21st birthday in Italy…
28:35​ – Pause banter, painting instruction.
30:38​ – Adding yellow to the mix.
31:55​ – Never been to Russia, but did you know…
33:24​ – High on the bucket list…
33:55​ – Another color update.
34:50​ – Enough about the Rainey’s, what about YOU?!
35:20​ – One thing we ALL have in common…
36:21​ – Painting Japan and big congrats…
37:00​ – Favorite part of the Bali trip!
38:25​ – Now painting Australia and a fun fact!
39:18​ – Parents of young-ish children, listen up!
40:03​ – Nice job, Australia, for being awesome.
42:53​ – Jenna’s Africa stories
43:31​ – An online quiz told John he should go to this city in Africa…
43:55​ – Jenna surprised herself.
44:31​ – Closing thoughts!
45:32​ – We want to hear from YOU!


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