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New eCourse for Creatives: Brand Plus Brand



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Hey friends!

My newest eCourse for creatives is launching soon and if you subscribe to my insider list, then you may have already heard about Brand Plus Brand — woohoo! Either way, I wanted to formally introduce it to you all here on the blog…because I’m SO excited about it!

Back when I was trying to decide what kind of eCourse to create, I sent out a survey to my Instagram followers, asking what they were having trouble with. More than anything, it seemed like the other artists and creatives who follow me were struggling with scaling their creative businesses. Photographers, illustrators and designers alike all responded with their questions on how to grow their audience, attracting dream clients and jobs, and how to tap into recurring

So, when it came time to decide what kind of eCourse for creatives types I’d come out with, I knew that a course about leveraging the power of licensing is just what my people needed. (not sure what licensing is or if it’s for you, check out THIS post!)

But this isn’t just a course about licensing. This step-by-step course is about pitching and branding your work, creating killer mock-ups, understanding pricing, decoding contracts, and using social media strategically in order to grow your creative biz!

I’ll be joined by my licensing agent, Julie Turkel, for an inside look on how creatives can tap into this passive money industry. Actually, using the strategies that I’ve put into this course, I’m able to bridge the gaps in income between client work and create a consistent revenue system, all while growing my audience and recognition.

Brand Plus Brand isn’t just about getting a bunch of your work into mainstream stores, *waves finger menacingly* Nope! It’s about attracting the right brands to work with you — the kind of jobs you dream of, so you can work less and live more.

You can check out everything that’s in the course (including all the bonuses!right here.

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