The exact systems for licensing your work to other companies so you can build extra income and extra exposure doing what you LOVE!


Let's take the "HUSTLE" out of self-employed

As a creative, you know the tiresome struggle of being a one-man show—booking commissions, printing and producing prints of your artwork, managing the production and the sum it all up: EXHAUSTING!!

You've heard that diversifying your income is the key to success as a business owner, but how? Licensing. That's how.

Licensing your work means you work with brands (get it, B+B ;) who pay you to recreate YOUR work on THEIR products!! 

They handle all the headaches, the printing, the production, managing customers, getting it into retail stores and more, while you get to focus on the stuff you love all while receiving checks in the mail! Sounds bomb, right?

work less, live more—while doing what you LOVE

Topics we cover:


Defining your signature style

Designing seamless patterns and cohesive collections

Understanding contracts and how to negotiate deals

Keyword research, trend forecasting and informative shopping research 

Working with color palettes and scale to maximize your artwork

Organizing a killer library of work to present to brands

Finding contacts to pitch to and work with

Understanding pricing types: flat fees, advances and royalty rates

Digitizing artwork and preparing files for pitches and products

Perfecting your pitch and brand presentation deck

If you're looking to build residual income and grow your brand, this is your course.

Enter Brand + Brand

No idea how to price your work? How royalty rates work? In this module, we equip you with a complete cheat sheet for terms and best practices in both pricing, royalties and contracts. We'll also be doing a contract walk-through with Grant from Framework Law Group so you can see exactly how to read a licensing agreement!



MODULE 2: Research & Organize

In this module, you'll learn key questions to consider before signing the dotted line and you get to see a real life art submission with Williamson Home. And we equip you with a customizable brand book template with notes from Julie that will give you direct insight into what agents and manufacturers look for and customizable email copy to use when pitching your work!

Jenna is bringing you her best tips on building a brand on Instagram. This isn't a course on how algorithms work or spamming your way to your next 10,000 followers, NO! I teach you how to create marketable art and a social media presence that has you standing out and attracting your dream collabs!

MODULE 1: Licensing & collaboration

This is your complete rundown of the licensing business model. We define the terms for you, help you discover and hone your signature style, and how to adjust your mindset for success in the industry!

All The Tools You Need:

MODULE 6: Building your brand on INSTAGRAM®

Jenna (artist) and Jos (surface pattern designer) are teaming up to bring you the best surface pattern design course out there! Learn how to create a perfect scan, the steps to edit and color correct your artwork in Adobe Photoshop, and how to design seamless patterns and a cohesive collection in Adobe Illustrator. Jos has created patterns in-house for brands like Rifle Paper Co., The Jungalow and Magnolia...she knows a thing or two about this! subject :).


The foundation of a great brand collab is understanding trends. Essentially, we're teaching you how to be a detective—using informative shopping research to find contacts for collabs and forecast trends.

jenna rainey x blue sky for staples collab👇🏻

MODULE 3: Creating the work

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Learn from experts

Your instructors

This course is lead by three bad ass women whose combined experience equates to 30+ years in the licensing industry. Jenna, Julie and Jos each have unique insight to bring to this course including, working with Nickelodeon and celebrity brands, being an in-house designer for major manufacturers and starting a self-made art career that's attracted licensing partnerships worldwide. You better believe these three lady musketeers are bringing you the best of the BEST! 

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Real life results

hear from the students

“Brand Plus Brand gave me the confidence to negotiate a five-figure deal from one licensing project and, when I saw the paid invoice in my bank account, I was stunned." 

read their stories here!

-Ania of Mama fabrics

Hear from students from every stage of business and from all over the world!

This is for you if...

• Are you ready to transition from the world of custom-made designs and into your own brand? 

• Are you ready to focus on developing your own style and business after years of creating for someone else?   

• Are you looking to create passive income? 

• Do you want to leave the nitty gritty details (production, manufacturing, etc.) for someone else to manage? 

• Do you want to grow your brand and reach a wider audience?

• Are you curious about how to land partnerships that take your work into retail stores?

• Would you spend more time creating art for your own brand if you knew how to make more money from it?

• Have you been wanting to license your art, but don’t understand exactly how it all works?

If you answered YES, then this course is for YOU!

from jenna rainey x casetify collab!

invest now & reap the benefits
for many years to come!


You could purchase this course (*under $1100 is a STEAL!!) and learn what you would need and more!

You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars hiring a brand consultant, or years of your own time figuring this stuff out…

In 10+ hours of video instruction, you’ll learn the entire business model for attracting dream brands and passive income for your creative business. This is actionable, step-by-step information for growing your brand, strategies behind working in licensing, finding partners and more.

Over 30 pages of worksheets and exercises to help you apply everything you’ve learned. We've included a customizable pitch deck template, pitch email plug & play copy, and a guide for licensing wall art from licensee Williamson Home.

You can work through the course at any time, from anywhere as long as you have internet access! We’ll also have a private student-led Facebook group for you to ask each other questions, share progress, and network!

You’ll learn the entire business model for attracting dream brands and passive income for your creative business. This is actionable, step-by-step information for growing your brand, strategies behind working in licensing, finding agents and manufacturers and more! Read more about each module below!

Over 30 pages of worksheets and exercises to help you apply everything you’ve learned. We've included a customizable pitch deck template, pitch email plug & play copy, a spreadsheet of licensing agents + their contact info and more for you to start using today!

You can work through the course at any time, from anywhere as long as you have internet access! We’ll also have a private Facebook group for students to ask questions, share progress and network!

What's included?
Let's recap...



Student-led community IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP!

psst. I (jenna) made that!👆🏻

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Licensing Agent Website List

Julie's curated master list of licensing agents and agencies from all over that you can pitch to—if you decide to work with one (not required!)—to help bring your designs to life


Building a Brand on Instagram: A bonus module in the course to teach you how to create a social media presence that has you standing out and attracting your dream collabs

$247 Value

Bonus Instagram Module


$297 Value



A Video Walk-Through!

Like Costco free samples, I've got a taste test for you! Hit play on the video and I'll show you through the course! What lessons are included in each module, what the member area looks like, a peek at the handouts and more!

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Sneak peeks!

You'd spend THOUSANDS of dollars, and they wouldn't come CLOSE to covering as much as we do inside Brand + Brand.

Grab your seat before the doors close!

If you hire a brand consultant to give you advice and direct you on topics we’re covering in this course…


hundreds of five-star reviews

I didn’t even have a business before Brand Plus Brand but I knew I needed to invest in myself so I’d get to the next level.

read the reviews

What comes with this course?

What's the difference between this course and Pen to Press?

When does this course become available?

Great question! This course includes over 30 pages of guides and handouts to go along with each module, over 10 hours worth of video courses and bonus modules, and customizable templates. The course is self-led but you do get access to a student-led community group!

Absolutely! The internet is a beautiful thing. If you have internet access, you can take this course AND licensing is a global industry. I've worked with manufacturers in Canada, Europe and more! P.S. One of our students in the course is from Poland and works with US brands, too!

Great question! These two courses are completely different. Pen to Press is a course on custom stationery design and working with stationery CLIENTS, while this course covers licensing. How to write contracts, how to price your work, how to find the right partnerships, building and organizing a portfolio, etc. This is the next step in terms of career for most creatives if you’re wanting to get into passive income and working with brands. Licensed artists can find their work on products like home goods, office supplies, etc. in retailers, while custom stationery clients (Pen to Press group) will be working on wedding stationery or custom greeting cards.

As soon as you purchase! You will receive a confirmation email from Kajabi, our new learning platform, with the login information you created at checkout and the link to access our private Facebook group.

People who pay, pay attention and this course is meant to help those who are serious about licensing their work and growing their business. Spending under $1100 for this content is an insane deal and if you put in the work you learn, your results will turn into profit. You have the potential to make the money you spend on this course back in no time! Or…if you’re not serious, you could spend the next few years figuring it out on your own and hopefully making it work in this highly competitive marketplace!

Great question! The payment plan students take a lot more monitoring/work on our end. We have to check each subscription every month to make sure payments are going through (credit cards change) and communicate with you to help you avoid late fees!

Absolutely! If you want all the guesswork taken out of the beginning stages (and then some!), then you're right for this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this class will be worth it?

I am only just getting started in my creative business. Is it for me?

Why is the payment plan more than the one time?

Can I take this course if I am not in the U.S.?

It really depends on the effort you put into it. We've had students take this course, implement and within one month score a 5-figure licensing deal and we've also had students who don't see income until 6 months or a year in! It really depends on you implementing the tools in the course.

How long does it take until I can start to make money off of licensing?

Can you live off of licensing?

Do you need a large following on Instagram?

YUP! I have a friend who makes 7-figures a year just off of her licensing business! But as I've mentioned before, you've gotta implement and put in the work from this course. Just because you hit purchase, doesn't automatically guarantee success!

Nope! In the course we have a bonus module dedicated to HELPING you grow your Instagram following, but it's definitely not necessary to have this in order to license your artwork.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (at least Illustrator), a registered business for when you start working with licensees/manufacturers, a lawyer on deck that can help you register your trademark if necessary (we have recommendations inside the course), an agent (not required and we have a whole spreadsheet full of agents that you contact to pitch to)! Dropbox for organizing your files and Canva for making quick one-sheets are two of my other go-to platforms that I recommend!

What programs and paperwork do I need for the course and for licensing?

ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!! That's what makes this course and investment so bomb! We're continually looking at the course to update the content, making sure it's always the best educational content out there on licensing AND that all of the topics stay super relevant for you and your business. We take feedback from our students very seriously and want to continue to help you grow your business!

Do current students get new updates?

Let Me Say This Upfront...

Brand Plus Brand is the most comprehensive and impactful implementation program out there for creatives who are ready and COMMITTED to build a licensing career.
Our community is filled with other incredible artists who are motivated, helpful, and ready to cheer you on when you join.

You will have 30 days from the time you purchase Brand Plus Brand, to complete the course handouts and your customized pitch deck with your brand presentation. After this, if you feel it’s not for you, simply send us an email at, provide your course work, and we’ll send you a full refund!



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