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Module 01



In this module you'll get a complete understanding of what licensing is and how the business works. Julie and Jenna guide you through mental preparation and encouragement for your process and the mindset required in the licensing industry.

You'll also get an inside look at how a licensing project develops and what proofs and digital files look like when sent to licensees (the brand you're collaborating with). And before you start creating work and pitching to contacts, it's important you discover and develop your signature style so you can stand out. Julie and Jenna share insights about how to develop and hone your signature style as a surface pattern designer, how to determine your dominant themes in licensing and how to create work that sells.

INcludes: 3 video lessons + 4 handouts

Module 02



Julie walks you through her exact process as a licensing agent for how she finds licensing contacts and manufacturers for her clients to work with. You'll also learn about researching trends. This information comes from 25+ years of experience in the industry and inside info from Julie!

Jenna also gives you an in-depth lesson on where she sources inspiration for her collections, how to tell a story with your prints and how to create work that is trend-forward.

includes: 3 video lessons + 2 handouts

Module 03

Creating the work


Jenna and her surface pattern designer, Jos team up on this module to show you the EXACT process of creating patterns and collections from start to finish. They kick off the module teaching you how to achieve the perfect scan of your artwork—from bed sheets to small prints—and all the details like dpi, file types, color settings, etc. so you never get stuck with bad quality production of your work. You'll get an in-depth understanding of Photoshop tools commonly used, layers, color mode, adjustments, zooming, scaling, rotating, removing paper background, clone stamp tool, saving and exporting files properly.

As an in-house print designer for some major licensee companies, Jos shows you her expertise in end-use intention, keeping edit-ability, and considering coordinate opportunities to maximize your work. Along with that, she shows you her process for creating seamless repeating patterns and how to use tools, panel, workspace, importing & embedding elements, curating coordinates, types of repeats and their uses, building with motifs, and scaling & visual tracking for both Illustrator and Photoshop. You'll learn more about curating a cohesive color palette, changing a design by recoloring, multiplying color-ways into collections by changing the ground, translating hex codes to Pantones AND creating mock-ups and production-ready files will help you get those dream collabs and reeeally feel like a pro!

Plus Jenna gives you a behind the scenes look at how we organize her library of work from the back-end!

includes: 14 video lessons + 2 handouts

Module 04



Julie's job is to pitch to manufacturers for her clients. In this module she shows you her process for researching and finding contacts before you pitch to them, swipe copy and examples for knowing exactly what to say with in your pitch emails, and a template for the exact brand book Jenna uses to show licensees.

Jenna also shares ideas you how to organize and label your front-end library to show licensees complete with tips for naming conventions and sharing files of your work.

You'll also see a super fun, behind-the-scenes look at presenting Jenna's portfolio to a home goods manufacturer. See what they like, didn't like, what they'd change and what they'd keep in Jenna's library to get ideas about how to create yours before you actually pitch anyone!

Includes 4 video lessons + 8 handouts

Module 05

the business of licensing


Let's get down to business! Jenna and Julie give you an in-depth understanding of how the business side of licensing works. From copyrights to trademarks, consulting attorneys and understanding'll know the difference between royalties, flat fees and have guides for how to price your work.

Grant, Jenna's IP attorney, will also join for a lesson where he'll walk you through an actual licensing contract! He'll help with defining terms and calling out important information to look for inside legal agreements.

They'll also be discussing what to do after you've signed a license and how to navigate and handle sticky situations with a licensee!

includes 4 video lessons + 5 handouts

bonus module

building a brand on instagram


Standing out on Instagram can be hard, but first you gotta start with defining your BRAND. Jenna walks you through a detailed system for creating your brand story, aesthetic and message on Instagram to build awareness and recognition.

Along with this, you'll learn best practices for posting, taking photos and editing, effectively using the RIGHT hashtags, understanding how your posts are performing and getting detailed insights on what's resonating with your audience.

Jenna also shows her exact content calendar, how to use it for social media content and we've got a template for creating your own!

includes 5 video lessons + 4 handouts