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Simple & Effective Instagram® Strategies with Jamie Dana

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Effective Instagram strategies are hard to come by. It seems like the app is always changing! Right?

Instagram polls and questions boxes…

Effective niche hashtags…

Quality vs quantity when it comes to followers…

And the often-dreaded direct to camera Instagram stories…

These are the wildly popular topics when it comes to using Instagram as a powerhouse marketing and engagement tool in your business.

One incredible woman who I consider to be extraordinarily proficient in all things Instagram is my good friend Jamie Dana.

Jamie and I went to high school together and she used to be my amazing hair stylist until she left the salon to pursue her passion of being an educator. Through her courses, membership site, and YouTube channel, she educates other hairstylists on how to use and grow their businesses using Instagram.

And even though her niche is hairstylists, these techniques and methods can be applied to any business or brand. I had some amazing aha moments during our conversation and I know you’re going to love her!

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Stellar insights

  • [03:15] Jamie explains the how and why behind her pivot from working in a salon to becoming an online educator and expanding her impact.
  • [07:05] Instagram was a huge factor in helping Jamie get her dream clients in her salon chair.
  • [10:20] People resonate with the imperfect human with personality behind the brand.
  • [14:58] Jamie gives a surprising answer to the #1 questions she gets—How do I get more followers? It’s not always about the numbers.
  • [17:41] Don’t for the followers to come to you. Be proactive and go look for your dream followers with Jamie’s 5+3 method (engage with 5 likes, 3 comments).
  • [18:53] Make sure you’re focusing on those followers who are already engaging on your posts.
  • [25:42] Jamie recommends how to go out and find people to engage with including using local hashtags, geotags, and hanging out on other influencer’s page.
  • [29:23] Niche hashtags can be super effective (and using 20-25 can be more effective than just 1 or 2).
  • [34:17] Jamie runs down why she doesn’t use perfectly designed Canva layouts for stories and instead, opts for a lot of the native Instagram tools and features.
  • [36:53] People often struggle with DTC (direct to camera) stories and Jamie suggests recording yourself for a week (without necessarily posting) to boost your confidence.
  • [37:00] Polls and question boxes can help your content on the algorithm and reach more people.


Rapid Fire Questions

What is your Instagram photo editing app of choice?

Okay. So I love VSCO cam. I’ve used VSCO for years. It’s the OG. I still use it and I still love it. 

Is there a specific filter you use in VSCO?

Such a good question. So I use a couple of different ones. I kind of have created my own custom one. So sometimes I use A6, that’s like my original that I use. It’s just a good neutral basic one, A6. And then I have been using J2, but I warm it up a little bit. So that’s kind of my secret sauce. So sometimes I’ll mix the two, sometimes I’ll apply A6 and then I save the photo and then I re upload it and I’ll do a little J2 or M3. I kind of get a little funky with it. So yeah, I’ve kind of created my own custom one. But then I’m also mixing in, if you go to my Instagram and you’re wondering, I do have photos from a photographer in there as well, so I’m kind of using some of their presets on those photos. And then obviously just like my photos that I take kind of mixed in there. So it’s kind of a mishmash. I wouldn’t say I don’t use a specific preset on my photos currently, if that makes sense.

What has been the book that you’ve record recommended the most to people?

Profit First. So good. It’s all about how to organize your finances as a creative business owner. So if you struggle with finances, that is the book for you by Mike Michalowicz. It’s amazing.

What is one of your favorite organization hacks?

Oh, I’m the worst, you know, this I’m so bad organizing. I don’t know. Probably Google spreadsheets has been my friend when it comes to organizing and like Google docs and Google drive, like keeping everything organized.

What is your go-to unwind or self care routine?

Yeah, so my go-to right now, especially right now, cause it’s beautiful weather outside. It’s just going outside and sitting in the sun, like that is such a recharge for me. And I’ll actually do this throughout my day. I’ll probably do this after this interview. I’ll just go outside. We have like a little, it sounds fancier than it is, a cabana. Like it’s like a little daybed thing outside. We have a pool, so I’ll just go lay in that or I’ll just go sit outside in the sun. And that helps me even recharge like throughout the day, just like five minutes, 10 minutes on those times when I’m like, I just need a break or I just need to get up, I’ll go do that. And then it come back and I just feel like, okay, I can get back into the task that I needed to do. That’s my unwind or recharge little method that I do. 


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