5 Things to Know Before Starting an Email List

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5 Things to Know Before Starting an Email List

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You know having an email list is important. But like, what things are crucial to know before starting an email list?

How often do you get frustrated with a post you put tons of effort into for IG annnnd *crickets*?? The big and bad social media algorithm only shows your posts to about 2% of your followers (so rude, I know), while 90% of emails sent to subscriber’s inboxes are seen!!

That’s a big difference.

With the right email strategy, combined with organic search marketing using Google and Pinterest, according to Campaign Monitor

“Not only is email marketing one of the most cost-effective tools to increase revenue, but it’s practical in every industry. Increasing email revenue can significantly improve ROI: Consumers spend 138% more as a result of email marketing, when compared to consumers who don’t receive email offers.”

But, I get it. 9 years or so ago when I was looking to start an email list, I had NO clue where to start, what to say and how to grow it. And maybe you’re in a similar boat.

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5 things to know before starting an email list

Choose an Email Service Provider

Before you can even think about emailing anyone, you need their permission. Which is where opt-in pages come in! Before you create your opt-in page (usually tied to a lead magnet), you need to research and decide on the right email service provider for you!

This FREE handout also has a list of my favorite tools for email marketing!


Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet, also called a “freebie”,  is an irresistible (free) offer for someone in exchange for an opt-in to your email list. Think free video course, free guide, checklist, template, etc. Lead magnets are focused on value and provide actionable steps  for your ideal subscriber (potential customer/client). If you create the RIGHT lead magnet, you’ll have people signing up for your list like itʼs going out of style!

Pssst…that free handout above is a great example of a lead magnet that I have! Currently I have about 13 different lead magnets that I’m promoting at different times throughout the year!



Write a Welcome Sequence

A welcome sequence or welcome campaign is a series of emails that are automated to send to a new subscriber. Usually this sequence includes anywhere from 5-12 emails with the goal of building brand awareness and trust! The most important part to your welcome series is to make sure you’re packing it with value and not selling to them. Oftentimes, these people are completely unaware of you and your brand, maybe they found your lead magnet while searching on Pinterest, so we’re not ready to sell to them just yet!


Segment Your List

Segmenting your list is the gold mine of email marketing. What is segmenting? It’s basically like creating mini lists inside of your email list! With segments, you’re grouping subscribers together based on things like interests, location, lead magnet/opt-in specific topics, inactivity, shopping cart abandonment and more! This will increase your open rates and lower your unsubscribe rate because youʼre sending targeted information based on their activity or interests!


Productivity Tips for Working From Home


Write Consistent Broadcasts

Broadcasts (also known as your newsletter) are your weekly or bi-weekly emails that you send to your list. These are usually tips, updates, stories, or one time announcements. Writing consistent emails to your list is the best way to keep them engaged and ready to buy from you…it’s called nurturing a relationship! If you only email your list when itʼs time for them to buy from you, you’ll end up with a lot of unsubscribes!

With all things email marketing, the goal is consistency. It’s one thing to know these 5 things, while implementing…that’s a whole different story!

I know what it’s like to pull your hair out and stay up late trying to figure out how to set up workflows and funnels in an email list. I know how it is to feel completely overwhelmed and lost when it comes to growing your business and having a steady stream of income to rely on. Well, your email list is literally the ticket to generating new leads on autopilot and attracting consistent bookings and purchases on the regular.


Taking it up a notch…

After a year of coaching students in my courses on marketing, I started to notice that email marketing specifically was the most misunderstood and wildly unutilized platform with creatives. From Etsy shop owners to surface pattern designers, photographers and coffee shop owners, I’ve coached people individually on the importance of email marketing and implementation. And because I’ve seen HUGE success with list building in my own business, I’ve decided to basically create a full coaching program on email marketing in the form of an online course:

Elevate with Email is coming, folks. April 7-14, 2021 is the official launch window.

This isn’t your average email marketing course either. I’m not going to teach you all the sleazy and pushy tactics that other marketers will. I’m guiding you through the process from start to finish on how to use YOUR brand personality and the right lead magnets for your type of business, and how to set up allllll the tech stuff and grow your list.

Marketing is a part of business and it doesn’t need to feel forced, pushy or gross when it comes time to sell. You also don’t need to feel like you’re scrambling at the last minute to write emails or create content during a launch. I’m giving you each and every part of my system, so you can increase your traffic to your online shop, get consistent bookings and build a more stable, elevated business with email.

Head to the sales page HERE to learn more and sign up for the waitlist so you don’t miss out. This is going to be such a big course for you!




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