3 Tips for Your New Art Hobby

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3 Tips for Your New Art Hobby

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Have you started a new art hobby recently?

2020 and the global pandemic was crazy and difficult for all of us. But just like every cloud, there is a silver lining—a bright spot that I am grateful for: people took the time to turn to their creative side.

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Many people picked up their brushes for the first time in a long time, or for the first time ever. I have been so excited to see people enjoying and flourishing in a new hobby they found. But now as the pandemic slows (to some degree) and things start going back to normal, what do we do with this new art hobby that we’ve picked up? I have three quick encouragements for you!


3 tips for your new art hobby

Don’t Stop!

Life is going to get busy. That’s inevitable! But just like anything, if you’re able to continue building creative playtime into your days, it’s eventually going to become a part of your routine! That could be 10 minutes a day or a few hours a day. Whatever that looks like for you, continue pursuing your creative side! I know my mental health is grateful when I paint every day. It’s relaxing, therapeutic and so amazing for setting up the rest of your day. If it helps, always have a space in your house that’s clean and ready to go for painting or creating, so you don’t have to jump over the hurdle of cleaning your desk off and getting things prepped before!

Keep Learning!

Invest in some courses, keep diving into more YouTube videos, research color theory more. All of these things are going to keep that flame alive and allow you to stay inspired! It’s so easy to get stuck in a creative rut, so stay excited about your creativity by continuing to grow and learn!

Dream BIG!

This might not be for everyone reading this, but if you’re itching to take this new creative hobby into something more like a side hustle or small business…DREAM BIG. I have SO many resources for you on this website from free information and helpful tips I share on this blog to my business courses for creatives! When I started painting and doing calligraphy, it never crossed my mind that it would be a business for me one day. It was my therapy—my happy place—and eventually after sharing my work on social media and with friends, it slowly but surely started to grow into a business! If I hadn’t pursued that, who knows what I’d be doing today!!

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It is so amazing to me to see all of the comments on the YouTube video above. (View the video on YouTube to see them). There are so many stories of people dusting off old art supplies, or finding something that’s brought them joy through a very dark season. If this is you I am SO happy for you. Go read the other comments on this video for encouragement and to hear some incredible stories about how art and creativity are changing lives!

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