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I’m Jenna Rainey. 

I'm an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.



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A highly creative nerd with a unique breed of humor and the proud earner of a self-bestowed award for being the world’s most curious and driven human.

Hey I'm Jenna!

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Why I Won’t Be Getting a Threads® Account

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Let me just say this up front before we get into it…I have no idea if I’m making the right decision and BELIEVE ME, getting a Threads account for the sake of business is VERY tempting…it started as the fastest growing app of ALL TIME. (Though I know things are changing quickly for the platform…)

But that’s huge.

And for a lot of reasons, it can be a great place to build connections with your potential customers, show more of the personality behind your brand and serve your clients…

But something inside me said “NO” very strongly when I saw the announcement from Meta about their new platform, and I’m very strict about following gut impulses. No matter how strong the FOMO is.


Why I Won't Be Getting a Threads Account 

1. Time is Precious

For the past 18 months or so, I’ve been on an incredibly deep inner work journey. It’s been challenging at times and incredibly rewarding and one thing I’ve been shown so deeply is just how precious our time is. Yes, I know it’s cliche, but I mean really…what are you here for? What are we here to do? Are we here to look cool on Instagram? OR sound witty and gain popularity points through hearts?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at my phone instead of watching my son play with his toys.

Am I a good mom? Yes I am. I play with my son ALL the time…but the fact that checking in on how a post is performing can take me away from the few moments I get with him at this age is and should be concerning. Or at least something to think about and bring in more awareness and boundaries. 

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2. Fighting for Presence in my Life

On that same note about time being precious, it’s not just about being there for those moments and to watch my actual life rather than my social media life, but actually being present. It’s baffling to me how much noise we allow into our lives via social media and “content based platforms” like podcasts, blogs (heyoh!), etc. I recognize the irony of this as I’m typing and creating content for this blog, but I think it’s about filtering through to what can actually be useful for you vs. mindless scrolling. There is SO much good out there. So much content that can change lives, improve businesses, impact relationships and futures…but at the same time, how much of it do we need? Is even the good content sometimes causing decision fatigue and paralysis?? What about overwhelm and the pressure of always feeling behind? When the new Threads app came out, I knew it wasn’t for me, but then immediately after this gut response, I had the thoughts of…

“What if my business flatlines because I don't join?”

“What if I’m losing out on tons of engagement and growing my audience?” 

I no longer want to sacrifice moments in my actual life and presence with it because of a fear response that’s been created by these massive corporations whose sole focus is on monetizing my attention.

Can I get a *mic drop*?

3. Does Any of This Even Matter?

Ha. Cue the existential, philosopher side of my personality…if you know me in real life, then you know how I LOOOOVE a good debate. I think my middle name has been changed recently to “Why?” because I’m always trying to figure out the purpose or meaning behind what someone believes or says and the same bodes true of social media apps.


Why do I need another app? Well, one might argue, a Threads account could increase revenue, build brand awareness and grow your audience.

To which I say, ok, but what is YOUR limit? Think about it this way and get reeeally clear on what your desired life is. How much money are you making?

Can you achieve those financial goals with the strategies you’re already implementing? Social media and the age of “Content is King” has taught us that there’s always more. We’re never satisfied, always chasing the next big business milestone. If you hit six-figures well then, how do we hit seven?! Once you hit seven, how do we breakthrough to multi-million dollar levels?

It doesn’t stop.

But have you considered what your desired life looks like and what it would take financially for you to have that?

For me, I really don’t need all that much. I just want time to spend with my family, enjoying my life, eating well and exercising. I want my life to revolve around just that, my life, and not my work or this hustle mindset trying to force me into a culture of always wanting more in exchange for my time and sanity.

I don’t need that. And thankfully at this stage of my business, I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything I actually need by not joining Threads. But maybe for you, if you’re a newer business or your lifestyle requires a bit more of a push…maybe a Threads account is a good choice for you then. There’s always multiple things to consider when thinking about how we spend our time, especially as entrepreneurs. Your time IS in fact money…but does our time on Threads or any social media app for that matter actually…matter?

What is your purpose here? 

Those are my big questions that I’ll be pondering over conversations with friends and family, face to face…kind of like the OG Threads, life.

by Jenna Rainey 

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  1. Kathleen Houck says:

    Congratulations! You are on a much better path! Yes, money helps, but how much matters? Trust me, I know! Life has a way of slipping by quickly and before you know it you’re 75 like me. My most treasured moments are with family and friends and creating things that have meaning. Create those things and keep God in your life because he’s the one that gives profound meaning in all that you do! I love you and all your beautiful art that you create. You have been Blessed. Yours truly, Kathleen Houck

  2. Deb Lamson says:

    I personally think you’re making the right decision. If we have time to spend with our family, are doing something we love to do and don’t have to worry financially, isn’t that the ultimate goal? Sounds wonderful to me. Now I’m quite a bit older than you, but seeing what you have accomplished in your short life is amazing. Yes, money is a necessary part of life but it can never replace the love of family and friends. You are a lucky woman.

  3. Have you read Ecclesiastes? Lol. That book ponders a lot of these questions. God gave us this life to enjoy and be thankful. ❤️🙏🏻🥰Have a blessed day.

  4. Thank you for this post. First off, reading a blog post is not the same as scrolling through multi-media apps. I just finished reading your blog in complete silence and it was so very satisfying sitting here in silence, reading and drinking my coffee. Second, as someone who has raised two children who are now adults, you are so right to trust your instincts and to realize time is fleeting. Soon your little one will be off to kindergarten! Finally, I love your honesty and how you are continually questioning life. Your loved ones are lucky to have you in their lives.

  5. Bea says:

    Jenna, It’s good to read this post about whether to add more media time to your life or not. I’m not even trying to grow a business, but at age 70 I am certainly feeling in over my head at times with all the roles I nurture within my family life, church, and community. It’s easy to get involved in too many things and feel stretched out when one is retired. And I know you’re not talking about retirement yet, but someday you will be! From my point of view as a parent and grandparent, it is very wise of you to put your young family life (and inner life needs) above the other demands in your life. When your family is young and growing and active, that is the best time in your life… and you can’t come back to it and regrow it, or redo it if you later decide you made a mistake by not being there in the moment. There will never be another opportunity to make up for it. It’s a temptation to think we can do it all! We want to do it all… our good health makes us feel like we can. But your little boy will be an adult soon enough. I celebrate with you that you made the decision for your personal and family needs, and was able to turn away from the distraction of social media excitement, business milestones, and the promise of millions of dollars in growth!

  6. marylou says:

    Totally agree with you. So are people dropping Facebook? I don’t think so. Now they have another account Threads. Good name because sometimes when you pull a thread off a garment it falls apart. Love your post.

  7. Diane says:

    I love your thought process – how much do we need? Great question. Life seems short now that I turned 60. It’s easy to spend random minutes on social media-for me, those minutes easily turn to hours… I’d rather live my life than watch others’ lives. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Gloria says:

    Family first is how I live. I think you made the most precious decision.

  9. Semaj says:

    This was brilliant. I have to think that the choices we make today impact the lives we live later. When we make a choice to step back and review what is and isn’t important. We allow ourselves the space to explore what is possible in this life we create for ourselves.

    Neil DeGrasse recently spoke to the “WHY”, will the answer you get ever be enough? Perhaps instead we need to release the need to have the answer and be okay with what is, without the explanation.
    I appreciate this journey you are on, it’s always interesting how we encounter these different parts of ourselves and what we learn along the way.
    Thanks for honoring you and honestly FOMO is so overrated!!!!😉✨🧡

  10. Beep says:

    I think you’ve made a very prescient decision in NOT opening a Threads account. I feel like we are reaching a tipping point with social media, and Twitter will be the first to go. There are other “cleaner” platforms for reaching your clientele, ie Instagram, Podcasts, and You Tube. This is an old lady of 67 years speaking, so I’m most probably so far off…I have just loved your You Tube videos…enough to become a paying subscriber to your site. Love your work and and presence in the art community.

  11. Colleen M Mattison says:

    Good for you. Don’t cave to being driven by anyone or anything. You drive your life in the direction you choose.

  12. Judy Obanion says:

    I’m a 74 year young women. I’ve learned a lot over the years and being a devout Christian I cherish my life with my faith. There is nothing more important than our faith and family. I am an unknown artist but I feel that no matter if I am well known or not I trust that God will take care of us as long as we put Him first. Having said that if I were in your situation I would put my faith first, and family second and ask myself is it worth it? That’s my thoughts for what it’s worth. God bless you and your family. I’m praying for your decision. With Christian love, Judy

  13. Melinda Avila says:

    I am not on Facebook, never use my Instagram. I do not plan to use Thread. First, I am almost 79, so my time and energy are precious to me. I find that YouTube keeps me informed and of course, I follow you! I got the MaimeriBlu six, and will use them soon.

  14. Marylou Abbott says:

    Brava, Jenna!
    Sure wish I had a daughter like you. I’d be a good grandma, LOL.
    Alas, as a childless but married mostly watercolor artist, I did recently purchase your six tubes of MaimeriBlu to check out how they stack up to my favorite brands of Daniel Smith, Holbein and Winsor Newton. Nice colors for florals. This led me to do a total inventory of all my colors in all the various mediums sampled during my retirement years and especially Covid lockdown. Purchased a 9×12” painters diary book that I’ve almost filled up!
    Doing art, even if it’s not a masterpiece is my own therapy as caregiver wife to my husband whose stroke and broken hip confined him to a wheelchair.
    So keep up the fun posts and good attitude. Glad your son gets attention as well from mom! Bless you.

  15. Selenta Orr says:

    OMG, when I started reading your letter, I almost had a heart attack! I thought you were telling us that you intend to sign up with Threads! If you want a meaningful, balanced life which includes family, friends, art and your business etc then my advice is DON’T GO THERE! They might as well call it Shreds instead of Threads because that’s what your amazing life will become. Besides, you’re already the best and have so many followers. It’s like why do people have 5 or 6 cars when they can only drive one at a time? The world does not need anymore social media platforms, there’s already an overload of it filled with rubbish and negativity. Quite frankly, I don’t know where people get the time to read all that (mostly) nonsence. They either live in a different universe or they never sleep. I have faith in your judgement, but I really believe it’s a no-brainer and trust that you’ll make the right decision for YOU. Good luck and best wishes dear friend x

  16. Gina says:

    Good choice. I’m 65 three kids and 13 grands. I have been so involved in everything with them. But my only regret is not spending more time with them.

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