Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business

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Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business

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It’s 2021 and you’re wondering “Why blog?”. Well I’m here to explain some of the benefits of blogging for business. Because whether you like it or not, being a business owner means you are a marketer. You can’t sell the things you offer if people don’t know about them, right? Obviously, Instagram and TikTok are the sexy ways of advertising your business, reaching your customers and promoting your offerings, but what if I told you that you could reach a broader audience without trying as hard through blogging?

Let’s talk about it. According to Hubspot, “Google doesn’t share its search volume data. However, it’s estimated Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.6 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year.”

Did you get that? When you blog, you post a piece of content to search engines. When done properly, you can reach thousands if not millions of users per day through your blog! Blogging isn’t just for sharing your favorite outfits and skincare routine, it’s an amazing tool for reaching a wide audience while matching content to your ideal customer’s search intent! 


Why Blog? 6 Benefits of Blogging for Business

1. Brand Awareness

Blogging enables you to attract an audience and reach billions of people who use the internet. While just having a blog that you post to regularly won’t automatically boost your traffic, implementing search engine strategies like I show in my course “Show Up in Searches” and understanding your audience’s search queries will lead to generating more clicks, and ultimately boost your brand awareness overtime!


2. Builds Authority

Owning a business means you probably know a little bit about what you do and what you offer, yea? Well informational and educational content on a blog performs really well in search engines. Think about all of the times you’ve turned to Google to look up this or that recipe, “how to hang a gallery wall” or “fix the sink”. People rely on Google for answers and there are people out there right now asking questions that you can answer through blog posts!

When you write blogs that answer questions your target audience is asking, you become an authority in their mind. This builds trust in your brand and ultimately leads to more exposure and customers!


3. Drives Ongoing Traffic

This is the best thing about having a blog. When you create content that you know people are searching for, this content lives on forever and will drive long-term traffic to your website. In fact, I wrote this blog post back in 2019 and it’s still to this day the #1 driver of organic search traffic to my website. When people type in “how to start a stationery business” into Google, my blog pops up in the top 3 search results and people click it every day even two years later!

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4. Helps Create Content for Other Platforms

Ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of creating content? Focus on your blog and repurpose that content for Instagram, your email list, etc. This is what I do! I obviously post a lot of painting and artwork on my social media, but the days where I have no clue what to talk about, I’m repurposing blogs old and new! Fun stuff.


5. Tells Your Story

While social media is a great place to do this, blogging allows you to extend the conversation and interact more directly with your audience. If you’re paying attention to what your ideal customer’s pain points are and are implementing keyword strategies, you’ll know how to start the conversation. The more you practice this over time, the more engaged your audience will be!


6. Converts Cold Traffic

This is probably the most beneficial reason for having a blog. Think of blogging like your first step in your sales funnel, or the handshake to new customers. Someone searches a topic or question in Google, finds a link to your blog and it’s enticing enough to them to click, they read the content and they’re hooked. If you play the blogging game right, you have a CTA (call to action) in your post. Maybe that’s a link to a free download, to your online shop or course, etc. and BOOM. Blogging is the perfect way to convert cold traffic (or warm!) to leads, customers and buyers and you get to do it in your sleep too! Once you write the content, it’s all about optimizing it for search engines, revisiting old content and tweaking it to perform better in search.


If you want to make sure your blog and website does all the work for you and generates tons of organic search traffic, check out my course “Show Up in Searches,” where I share all of my best systems and hacks for boosting organic search traffic!!

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