Art School

Basic drills and foundations

sketching and shading techniques

perspective & composition lessons

color theory & harmonies

value = $1,400

Style School

understanding & analyzing art

the elements of style & finding your voice

the process for developing your style

creating a style journal + exercises

VALUE = $1,500

The art within is broken down into three sections:

Mindset School





VALUE = $1,000

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Studying lines and curves and fundamentals to unlock muscle memory and flow.


How to draw 3D shapes and shadows and different techniques for depth.


Perspective drawing exercises that will strengthen your observance with any medium!


Exercises to help you unlock muscle memory and confidence with a brush.


A deep dive on intuitive painting and balancing skill, technique and flow.


A study on the visual language of color and how to incorporate this in your artwork.


In-depth lesson on color theory, color harmonies and more!


My favorite color mixing exercise that will help you discover and grasp undertones, saturation and more.


Thumbnail sketching exercises that will unlock confidence with composition in any medium.


Deep-dive on The Rule of Thirds, tipping point and balance in landscape artwork.


Deep-dive on Quadrants, balance and tipping point with floral artwork.


Sketching exercises that will show you how to come up with composition ideas from your own imagination.



see What’s waiting for you in Art school!



see What’s waiting for you inside Style school!


The basics of art appreciation and how to analyze art


The main themes and history’s influence on style


Modern art influences and analysis on how famous artists have found their style.


Exploring and discovering your style through memories and wonder.


Exercises for helping you discover your unique inspirations and influences.


The process for finding your unique voice as an artist.


Finding and embracing your imperfections and learning to amplify them.


Case studies of current artists and elements of their unique style.


Understanding the concept of a style journal and its benefits.


Contents of your style journal and exercises to unlock your voice.


Incorporating daily exercises for continuous improvement.


The importance of sharing your progress and connecting with others.


Breaking the rules with mediums and other style tips.


Discussing abstract realism and ways to stretch your work and style.


Juxtaposition in art and other influences from literature for finding your style.


What are core beliefs and why is it important to identify them?


How to identify YOUR negative core beliefs (imposter syndrome, perfectionism, etc.)


What are core triggers and where do they come from?


Research and tangible experiments on challenging your negative core beliefs and thought patterns.


Mental Training exercises to improve focus, alignment and flow in your artwork.


Learning and developing the skill of meditation as a super power for creating your best work.


Guided meditation on visualization and flow lead by guest expert Jessica Stone.


Presence and awareness exercises that can increase productivity, reduce stress and help with negative thought patterns.


Flow State writing and drawing exercises and other mental training drills to drop into flow state.


A lesson on getting out of your head and into your heart as an artist.


How to experience more calm and happiness in your life and therefore art practice through opening your heart.


Finding love from within to increase purpose and meaning with your work.


Flow state writing exercise to unlock and discover the purpose and meaning in your life.


What is play and how to uncover your inner child and sense of play again with your art.


Sound medicine and how it is essential in producing Theta brain waves and flow state.


Various drills and exercises that will help you incorporate a sense of play and open-heartedness in your work.


The difference between instinct and intuition and how to develop awaken your inner guidance system.


Finding YOUR inner guidance system from the four main types and learning how to do intuitive painting.


Cultivating your inner guidance system in order to establish more confidence in your creative practice. 


How to gather inspiration from within rather than relying on the Instagram or Pinterest scroll.


Exercises and journal prompts for awakening your intuition and creating a process that breeds inspiration.



But wait, there's more in mindset school!

Just a few steps from your dream!


Led by Jenna with deep-dive videos and tutorials, guest appearances from experts in neuroscience, breathwork, meditation, and more!

meet the guest experts!


This is a results-driven course, here to show you how to implement specific techniques that will help you grow artistically and find more purpose in your work.


The Details

The course is a mix of high-quality video, deep-dives, inspiring and eye-opening interviews, handouts and more to help you unlock your full artistic potential!

I'm ready to enroll!

Challenging Negative Core Beliefs with EFT Tapping Techniques

Andrea is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Advanced EFT Practitioner and her life's work is based around teaching others how to understand and more deeply connect with their subconscious mind, aka the powerhouse of all patterns, behaviors, beliefs and emotions. The techniques shared in this video lesson will help you with creative blocks, negative self talk and ultimately unlock your full creative potential. The goal with this lesson is to share emotional regulation methods that are easy to repeat and readily available.

Andrea Fagenholz

Mindset School

Guest Expert


The Neuroscience Behind Flow State and Burnout

Dr. Lara Salyer is a Functional Medicine Physician, graduate of the Flow Research Collective, and author of the memoir, Right Brain Rescue: One Physician's journey from burnout to bliss reveals the creative muse in all of us. She teaches people across the globe how to tap into creative flow daily so they can reclaim autonomy, improve happiness, and eradicate burnout. In my interview lesson with Dr. Lara, we talk about the neuroscience behind flow state and how artists can unlock their full potential with Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

Dr. Lara Salyer

Mindset School

Guest Expert


Increasing Hope and Resilience to Improve Your Art

Dr. Carina is is a lifelong learner with a Medical Degree from the University of Hawaii, two board certifications in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine as well as a Master of Art in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Science in Integrative and Functional Medicine from John Patrick University. In our interview lesson, she shares with us the proven, science-based method to increase hope and resilience in your life to help get you better results with your art!

Dr. Carina Hopen

Mindset School

Guest Expert


Meditation and Energy Clearing for More Balanced and Aligned Creativity

Jessica Stone is an energy worker, intuitive channel and meditation expert and she also happens to be one of my closest friends! In our lesson together, Jess guides us through her process of clearing and aligning her frequencies and the space around her in order to help drop into flow more efficiently. She will also lead us in a guided meditation that you can play over and over to help boost visualization and creativity!

Jessica Stone

Mindset School

Guest Expert


Accessing Inspiration and Attuning to Your Creative Flow with Breathwork

In this lesson I'm joined by my friend Mary, who is an intuitive channel and breathwork expert. The increased energy through breath techniques activates the ductless glands within your body, eventually allowing the release of endorphins, dopamine, etc. This practice reveals so much, whether it be through epiphanies, downloads, emotional releases and so much more. This allows the individual to release blockages, access inspiration and eventually attune to their signature creative flow.

Mary Buckingham

Mindset School

Guest Expert



"I have never had an art class before so all of this is absolutely new to me and the detail that Jenna has gone into in terms of the sketching, specifically, I think is going to help me so much. I am probably halfway through the class and every day I can’t wait to get back to it."

— Kristy

"There was not one thing that I did not like about the course. Every piece of it was important to me. It aligned with my life and my practices in my daily life. It will help my watercolor practice. I truly was sad when I came to the end if the course."

— brittainy

"If you are even considering joining, just do it! This course is worth it. Knowledge is power and there is so much in this course that has helped me and gave me the push I needed to take back my mind and my life again."

You can tell how hard Jenna worked on this, there is loads of information, and wonderful people to meet in the course (Jessica Stone being my absolute favorite, I love her!)

Myrna Martin

I am no stranger to flow state and have studied and practiced it to varying degrees over the past couple of decades. However, The Art Within looks to be one of the most comprehensive approaches to exploring and activating this state I have found!

The Praise is Rolling In!

Maureen Lake, MA

The sketching and shading in segment two is mind blowing. I’m spending days on it and taking my time. There is so much to learn!!!

Celine Rahim

I started The Art Within 2 days ago and I have to say, your courses keep getting better and better!! This is the perfect course for artists who are stuck and feel uncreative!

Furthermore, you do a deep dive into sketching from basics to advance and I feel like Section 2 alone is worth the price of the entire course!

First Impressions

Chlayne Fellows

I am currently working through the “Foundations” module of the course and so far it has been amazing. There are a lot of courses out there but most are focused solely on the art. I love that this course is a whole body & soul art experience. I really enjoyed the EFT tapping session with Andrea and am looking forward to the rest of the course!  

Heidi Van Rossum

I'm only a few sessions in and already I'm finding a feeling of openness that I haven't felt before. The tapping lesson was really helpful and I'm psyched to dig into the lessons!

Rachel E.

I was on the fence (because of finances and habits of buying the thing and not DOING the thing…) but jumped in (under the wire!) because I couldn’t get it off my mind… and I’m SO happy I did!!

I was afraid I would spend the money and not follow through but your course has drawn me in and I’m already addicted! 

"Completely life-changing!"

- Samar a.

Samar anqud

Jenna! Started The Art Within and already I know this is exactly what I need at this very moment in my life. Only got up to Andrea's part - and that was such a welcome release of some of the feelings that have been weighing me down.

You and your courses are a gift!!

Kristine Tran

For my whole life, I was told that art would never get me anywhere, but her experience is an inspiration. The Art Within immediately spoke to my soul. She managed to seamlessly intertwine my two current passions, psychology and art. I believe everyone has creativity inside them, they just need to tap into it, and this course will help unlock it!

Maria José Arguedas

As an architect and artist I always struggle because my rational-left side of the brain has always been dominant. But just taking a quick look and watching some of the content of this course I know this is what I need to understand how my body works and how I can encourage my creative moments.

Also, your interview with Dr. Lara Salyer: 🤯🤯🤯

Melinda Mclaughlin

Jenna and crew nailed it. I’m an old woman at this stage of the game and happy to be so. Fortunately, negative self talk is not much of an issue for me as it was in younger years! I’ve also enjoyed a 40 year yoga practice, so my breathing and staying present in the moment are well trained. I so appreciate what the first four lessons can provide to anyone (young or old) and could have put them to good use over the years! AND, the first lesson on lines was an eye opener! So very pleased I was able to enroll.

Shira Miles

Omg Jenna! I'm so happy for you! And for myself! And for everyone who's gonna take
this course!

I just finished the introduction to EFT tapping with Andrea, and let me
just tell you: WOW.

I've been practicing mindfulness and meditation for some years now, but
never heard of tapping before. That was so insightful and fascinating and inspiring and just spot on.

I've been dealing with perfectionism and imposter syndrome for almost my entire life, and the demo she did was so on point and helpful, and I'm just grateful for being introduced with this method.

Natalie Todd

The Art Within…wow, what a wonderful, and comprehensive, and valuable (and super great value) course. I have only done the first few lessons - I am about to start the Foundations module but I am loving it so far. Thank you for setting it up. I am also super pleased about it because I am starting a new art journey and, by following the Art Within and getting my flow in flow, I will be able to create the art that I want to take further with the help of the B+B course. Win - win!

"This is so incredibly helpful. I finished art school last year and NO, they do not teach you this."

- Heather dawson

A year from now you will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

Not Skimpin' on the Details!

✔ 45+ video lessons—approximately 15 hours—in the course, handouts, and a complete resources page

✔ A deep dive on the foundations for sketching, composition, color theory, watercolor and developing your style

✔ Perspective drawing hacks and daily drills that will develop the brain pathways and motor skills for flow state

✔ Guided meditations and breath work exercises that will help unlock your creativity...yes, even if you SUCK at meditation

✔ Mental training exercises to help release your intuition and quiet the voice of Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt

✔ Tips and daily practices for finding meaning and purpose in your art

✔ The exact step-by-step process for finding and developing your style as an artist

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Three Steps to Creative Freedom!

Developing and training your muscles and eye in everything from perspective drawing to composition and color theory

Breaking through creative blocks and using the science of flow state to help boost flow state in your art practice

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Understanding the elements of style and developing your own unique creative voice