My Thoughts on Turning 30

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My Thoughts on Turning 30



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For years I’ve imagined what turning 30 would look like. I envisioned a woman who no longer had those nagging insecurities and was finally in the habit of exercising regularly. I pictured her as someone who had the power to use every ounce of time wisely and always admit when she was in the wrong… 30 year old me was going to practice self-care daily and work every angle with confidence.

Yesterday I turned 30…

And while I definitely don’t have a regular work out routine as a part of my schedule quite yet, here’s one thing I absolutely know about adding another year:

The older I get, the less I know.

My twenties hit me with some pretty huge lessons…

…Losing relationships and gaining new ones

…Starting and growing a business

…Writing books

…Traveling the world

…Becoming a mother

Since going through some major life changes over the past decade, I do know that I’m ready to turn the page and enter another. I know I’ll be dealt a new set of challenges and wins and I’m ready. But instead of entering in this new year of life with how I think it’s going to go, I’ve decided to approach it with arms open.

Whatever these next few years have for me, I’m ready. No assumptions for how it’s going to go or what I think I know…

Turning 30 to me means contentment with where I am, who I am and what I do not know…and I am SOOOO ready!

What lessons have you been learning recently?

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  1. Jerrie says:

    On turning 78. I’ve learned that I have wasted way too much time on things that don’t matter.

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