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Let’s Talk About My Morning Routine



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Let’s talk about my new morning routine…shall we?!

Now, you might be thinking to yourself…”UMMMM, why?”

I don’t know about you, but my life has been feeling hectic.

  • I’ve got an active, two-year-old boy who’s really obsessed with mommy right now (love it, not complaining).
  • I’m writing my third how-to watercolor book
  • I just launched a brand new online course on email marketing
  • I write weekly blog posts
  • I film tutorials for you on my YouTube channel so we can post twice a week
  • Meetings on meetings on meetings
  • AND life stuff, relationships, you know. THAT. The most important part of life.

I started noticing that my days were just feeling like I was in the midst of a hurricane. Ever feel like that? Like you look up and your hair is nuts and it’s somehow already time to make dinner? So strange how time does that.

I wasn’t loving that my life was just whizzing me right on by and I wasn’t able to stop and enjoy every present moment because I was always anticipating the next.


I started prioritizing my morning routine and waking up at 5am. EW. I’m one of those people now ;).

This is obviously not the solution for everyone, but I just gotta say, being an “up before the sun” morning person now has brought me this new sense of vitality and invigoration! I’m able to workout, shower, get ready and answer a few emails before the rest of the house is even up, and I seriously feel so accomplished before the day even begins (for the rest of the world anyway).

This helps me have more flexibility during my days to pause and play with my son a little longer, or answer that unexpected phone call.

This isn’t groundbreaking obviously, but my point with this is to get you to slow down and think of ways that you can switch things up!

Maybe it’s slowing down more, or going for a 20-minute walk in the middle of the day to listen to your favorite playlist or audio book.

It’s never too late to stop and smell the flowers because the flowers are always blooming!

Just a little encouragement for you to switch things up, slow down and focus on the here and now!

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