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Jenna’s Favorite Things Gift Guide

Jenna's Favorites


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It’s that time of year!! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all of that holiday madness is coming up. And I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for someone. I’m definitely not a fan of the consumer craziness that comes with these holidays, but I do think it’s a special time to spread some love with a truly unique and special gift. I thought I’d list out some of MY favorite things in this gift guide because, well, I do get asked quite often about this stuff AND there may be someone in your life that has amazing style (ahem, humble brag) and is hard to buy for. So here you go!

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Jenna’s Favorite Things Gift Guide

  1. For the Host/Hostess. Have a friend or family member who puts together a mean charcuterie board? These beautiful, wood boards are the perfect gift for the person in your life who likes to host a good party. Or for yourself because I mean… they are SO GOOD.
  2. For the Designer. Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow is one of my all time favorite textile designers. She’s got a wild, bohemian flare to her creations that is just so yummy to look at. This is my dream coffee table book, wink wink mom!
  3. For the Artist on the Go. I love this backpack. It’s cute, it’s functional…it acts as my diaper bag AND as my carry all for my art supplies when I’m on the go. And it’s the perfect fabric for washing if it gets dirty or ink-stained!
  4. For the *Woo-Woo*. I. love. cute. coffee table books! There, I said it. I also love a little bit of woo woo in my life, what can I say. This book is both of those things. Woo hoo!
  5. For the Zen-Needer. Not a word, but this is my favorite essential oil diffuser. It’s so sleek and this brand has some amazing, clean oils. My favorite scent being “moon beam”! Time to relaxxxxx!
  6. For the Best-Dressed. This is my all time favorite sweater EVER. I wish I could wear it everyday, but southern California doesn’t give me that weather very often. 
  7. For the Interior Designer. I love little knick knack decorations for the home like this ceramic knot thing. Nobody knows what it does, but it’s cute.
  8. For the Bath Lover. I love baths. I love scrubbing my body in oils and salts and this cute wooden scrubber thing is bomb.
  9. For the Dad. I know not many in my audience are guys, but that means, you girls reading this…you have dad’s, husbands, boyfriends, etc. to buy for! This is for you! This weekender/carry all tote bag is HOTT.
  10. For the Grandbabies. Why grandparents buy the noisiest and most hideous toys for their grandchildren is a mystery to me. Here’s a cute, wooden toy set that my son loves and guess what?! It doesn’t beep or blast obnoxious music!

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