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I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.

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I know being a business owner means juggling lots of tasks. Sometimes the LAST thing you want to do is come up with a social media caption or whip together a blog post.

Between working with clients, uploading new artwork in your shop and sending out invoices, you’ve gotta find time to come up with valuable content?! It’s a lot.

So, how can you stay on top of all this? AND come up with valuable content that attracts your ideal customer without losing sleep?

Determine your content pillar ideas and create a strategy!


What are content pillars? 

Content pillars are set themes or topics that your brand talks about. EVERYWHERE. Blog, email list, social media, you name it! 

This isn’t necessarily just what you are interested in talking about, but more importantly, these buckets are topics that you know your ideal client is curious about!

For example: My ICA is someone who is a creative business owner and artist. This person is looking to make more money from their artwork, learn how to digitize their artwork and create passive income streams. Those are some of the main content pillars I use for that audience!


1. Brainstorm!

What areas are you an expert in? What topics do your FAQs fall under most? For me, it’s creative entrepreneurship, marketing, licensing, art/watercolor and teaching.

Come up with roughly 5 or so “buckets” or content pillars for your brand and write them down somewhere! Keep in mind, this isn’t just about what you like to talk about. It’s what your audience or potential audience could be curious about when it comes to what you offer/what you’re an expert in.

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2. Snoop around/investigate your competition!

Do you do competitor research? It’s a very important practice in business as it helps inform you on not only what else is out there, but help you create content/products that set you apart. Read that again, I said set you apart, not copy the competition!

If you’re a watercolor artist, check out other watercolor artists’ posts on social media, join their email list and read their blog! I also like to branch out and do competitive research in other fields too like marketers, podcasters, educators, etc because what I offer is online courses! 

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3. Put ‘em in your bio!

Once you’ve formed and listed out your top content pillars, put the top 3 in your bio on Instagram, the tagline on your website and in all your important newsletter opt-in forms! Really drive the point home that you offer A’s to their Q’s and give them that extra incentive to hit that “follow” button!

It’s really that simple!

You don’t need fancy graphics or all these word bubbles, but writing this down and doing some research will help you hone in on your message, tone of voice and value proposition that should be a key ingredient in your marketing strategy.

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