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the importance of mastering free time and self-discipline

Time audit strategies and worksheets to help you clean up areas that are keeping you stuck

Mind-blowing insights on the tedious and mundane tasks and how to know when to outsource, delegate, automate or keep

Do you find yourself complaining about not having enough time?
Inside this 16-page pdf you'll find strategies, worksheets and eye-opening and magical time management strategies that help you unlock more alignment and more freedom in your business and life. 

Time Freedom

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I'm an award winning artist and designer, the best-selling author of Everyday Watercolor and Everyday Watercolor Flowers, YouTube educator with over 300K subscribers and a Scorpio rising who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to find their inner creative voice.

I’m Jenna Rainey. Your new Art Coach and business bff.

Jenna in the wild: