jenna rainey

Wait up. What's SEO?!

Refreshing instagram every five minutes and waiting for the rush of new followers after posting a new reel is no way to live, hunny. 

There's another way.

In fact, there's a FREE way to help overflow your inbox with inquiries—a way that ensures that all of that hard work you put in to your new products has a maximum impact on your business.

No money spent on Facebook or Google Ads.

No sleuthing in Facebook Groups or sliding into the DM's like a desperate person.

No more blabbing on about the same thing in stories just to have negative swipe that even a thing?!


More eyeballs on your work

People actually reading your blogs (besides mom!)

More contact form submissions

More customers/clients

More income (hallelujah!)

All without having to sleaze your way to the top!

*Cue Happy Dance*

It's been estimated that

92% of all Google users click links on the first page of search results.

Are you ranking on google?

You're a creative business owner.

You want to be discovered by your ideal customer without having to grind at it all day long.

I'm here to show you the easy, digestible way to boost website traffic!

Introducing Show Up In Searches

THE seo CRASH course for creative business owners that's easy to understand and simple to apply

I'm ready to boost my online traffic!

I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who has learned first-hand the power of SEO.

A few years into running my creative business I decided...there's gotta be an easier way!! Guessing my way through search engine optimization wasn't working, Instagram was bringing in some website traffic, but let's be honest... it's getting harder and harder to convert traffic over there.

Meet Your Instructor


jenna rainey
numbers nerd

It was time to make a change!

I fiiinally figured out how to get ONE page on my website ranking in the top 3 search results. Boom! My online traffic sky-rocketed and client inquiries started flooding in.

Still to this day, that one page brings in tons of website traffic for me and I've learned how to hack and optimize other pages on my website so I can sit back and let the traffic roll right in!

Let's break it down!

6 Video Training ModuleS


two handouts with additional info

ONGOING Access, including  TO Updates!

all for $127 $97!! SIGN ME UP!!

What's inside show up in searches?

✔  An in-depth knowledge of what SEO is and the best strategies to put in place for your website, blog or online shop

✔  An understanding of which tools to use and how to find and start using the right keywords

✔  A new-found obsession for analytics and numbers

✔  Confidence in Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Trends so you can create content that consistently drives traffic

✔  A grip on how to improve your metrics, boost more traffic to your site and generate more sales using SEO practices

By the end of this program you will have...



How much content?

This course includes 18 deep dive lessons, 2 handouts and UNLIMITED access to all of it!

Here's a peek inside:


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Why SEO is important, how it works and how to get your content ranking in Google search results.


Keyword Research

How to analyze trend research and keyword data, which tools to use and how to implement focus keywords properly on your website.



What is metadata and how to write page titles and meta descriptions that will convert into more website traffic.



Defining the different types of links, how to boost your street cred, pitching for backlinks and more!


Sales Boosting Strategies

How to improve your core pages, when to post content on your site for discounts, sales and holiday-themed material and how to extra-supercharge your traffic and sales.


Tracking Progress & Content Audits

How to use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, SemRush, and Google Trends for improving your SEO strategies, traffic and more!

The more YOU focus on strategies that generate online traffic for your brand, the more time you get to spend doing what you love!

Listen up.

too many creative small business owners suck at seo

Don't be one of them!

ENROLL NOW FOR $127 $97!