jenna rainey

Let me guess...

You've got artwork to sell.

You've Googled, watched the YouTube tutorials and scoured the internet for answers on how to make a decent print of your artwork, only to come up empty handed and incredibly frustrated with all of the tech.

But obviously creating prints of your work would help you make profit off of the same piece of work over and over again...

I used to share an office with one of the best print shops in the world. They've printed jobs for jennifer aniston, so they can print my work...right?!

Well, because of that and seeing so many artists struggle with getting a good quality print of their work, i decided to put that process into a course!

With my course Prep for Print, I've boiled it down to an easy step-by-step system that'll help you nail it every time.

And I'll ALSO SHARE MY INSIGHTS FOR WHEN IT COMES TIME to sell, PRICE, package... all that biz sTUFF!!


Let's simplify things, shall we?

No more headaches...

This course will give yeaaars of your life back. No for real...

When I was first learning to create prints of my artwork, it would take me DAYS scouring the internet for answers.

And guess what?! My prints would still come out like YOU KNOW WHAT...figuring out how to scan, digitize, print and sell my artwork was a HUGE frustration and mystery for many years.

I've walked through it, so you don't have to, and simplified the process of scanning, digitizing, and printing artwork both in-house and outsourced, I'm handing over my answers to you.

Here's why...

• No one should have to spend the years of trial and error (and $$$) that I did to get here.

• Making a sustainable income as an artist is hard. Selling prints makes it MUCH easier.

• Understanding how to reach more customers and make more sales comes with years of experience (which I have)!

I’m a watercolor artist, self-taught designer, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who has lead over 100K students in my online courses, tutorials and best-selling books.

Back in 2012, I started my kitchen-table-painting-hobby with some cheap watercolor brushes and a whole lot of passion! As friends started commissioning me to paint pieces for their homes, I naively started selling prints of my artwork on Etsy. I had no scanner and not computer and would take my original artwork to my mom's house to use her's.

I spent hours, NO, DAYS figuring out how to size prints, recolor artwork, make it so it didn't look get the picture, right?!

After spending years scratching my head and figuring out all the tech, I now have sold thousands of my paintings, know where to source custom tissue paper for packaging, understand how to work an inkjet printer and prepare files for outsourcing prints and MORE.

It took nearly 10 years for me to get here, so let's make sure you don't have to spend that kinda time!

Meet YourInstructor


Hey, I'm jenna

Let's break it down!

6 Video Training ModuleS


handouts and templates for pantone print check guides, file types, and more

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What's inside prep for print?

✔ What tools and platforms to use and how to use them for both in-house printing and outsourced

✔  How to get the best scan of your artwork (even if it doesn't fit in your scanner bed!)

✔  A step-by-step walkthrough of how I scan and edit my artwork in Photoshop

✔  Creating print-ready files in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

✔  How to safely package and ship prints and where to source materials from

✔ My top tips for analyzing costs and optimizing your shop to help turn prints into profits


let's take a look Inside!

here's what you'll learn in pfp:

no matter how lacking you are in the tech department...i got you.

i promise you.

The Details

prep for print

How to prep files for printing everything from a massive print to a small painting, adding your signature or copyright line, changing background colors, creative print ideas and more for both in-house printing and outsourced!

Getting rid of the paper background and color correcting can be confusing. I'm showing you all these steps in Adobe Photoshop in my simplified, headache-free process!

Module three:
editing your scanned artwork

MOdule four:
creating print-ready files

Say bye to scouring the internet for answers on this one! I give you an in-depth look at the proper equipment you'll need for both your in-house and outsourced printing needs. 

Module one:
tools of the trade

I'll show you exactly what buttons to push to create a perfect scan of your artwork, even if it's too big for your scanner! Plus I'll show you how I organize files to give you ideas for creating the best system for you.

Module two:
the perfect scan

I share my insights and favorite tools to optimize your shop—including keyword-rich titles and descriptions, analysis for pricing and costs, and places to source packaging supplies.

Module five:
Print shop biz