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Hey, I'm Jenna!

artist + creative business guru

I'm A watercolor artist, surface pattern designer and born and raised southern California girl. Because I believe in friendship, here are some Fun facts about Me:

On most days, I go to bed by 9pm. If I’m up after that, I'm a superhero.

My first real job was waiting tables at a small pizza shop in downtown Chicago.

The worst job I ever had was filing IRA applications for people who were incredibly well-off, while I was making a barely livable wage in southern California.

Because of the above, I started selling prints of my artwork! Eventually I started working on custom wedding invitations for clients and the business took off.

I got into the world of licensing and surface pattern design because I wanted more control over my time...and how cool is it that I have my art in big box retail stores (I have collabs in Target, Staples, Office Depot and more!)?!

ABOUT Jenna:

TLDR Humble Brag:

I've taught hundreds of thousands of students online through my courses and tutorials and have (organically!) grown my Instagram to over 210K followers. My work can be found in major retail stores and online collabs with Staples, Target, Toki Mats, Casetify and more!


Hey, I'm Julie!

agent + branding Expert

I’m a creative entrepreneur, brand consultant and licensing agent who works with emerging designers and rising brands to help them grow though partnerships, licenses and brand collaborations.

I have over 25 years of experience in licensing, started my career at entertainment giant Nickelodeon, which I call the “Harvard Education of Licensing”. At Nickelodeon, I was responsible for managing a multi-million dollar licensed toy business for Nickelodeon franchises Rugrats, Blues Clues and the Nickelodeon brand in partnership with toy marketer Mattel. In 2001, I decided to pursue my own personal passion for design and interiors and started my own boutique licensing business uniquely focused on growing emerging designer brands through licensing and brand collaborations.

As a licensing agent, I have established and managed licensing businesses for brands like Nate Berkus, and currently represent designers Dabney Lee and Jenna Rainey. My client’s products can be found at major retailers including Target, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club and Home Goods (to name a few). As a consultant, I have created behind-the-scenes licensing strategies for Real Simple magazine, Staples and numerous manufacturers in the home and gift marketplaces. I have a keen eye for design, and am known for my ability to channel and protect my clients’ creativity while artfully managing the business aspects of my clients’ licensing partnerships to achieve long-term, commercial success.

ABOUT Julie:

TLDR Humble Brag:

I'm a licensing agent with over 25 years of experience in working with celebrity clients, big box retail stores and more. Negotiation, legal protection and helping establish a brand is what I know and do best!


Hey, I'm JOS!


I'm both an artist and designer specializing in product development and surface design—translating original paintings and illustrations into beautiful collections that are marketable across multiple categories of product.

Over the course of my years in the industry, I've had the pleasure of designing for some of the top names in the Accessories and Fashion businesses including Coach, Chico's FAS, in the home textiles space at Loloi for Justina Blakeney and Joanna Gaines. I also have experience illustrating custom artwork for unique brands and products in mass market retailers like Target and Home Goods. You can even see my work published in House Beautiful, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Brit&Co, PopSugar, and more! Now, as the designer behind the designs, I'm putting my own collections out into the world as Just Jos™ to create joy through product, and inspire others to do the same by sharing my experience along the way. 

As a former B+B student, I can personally attest to the validity of the course content, and am so excited to bring even more to the table as an instructor. With my degrees and certifications from art schools across the world from the Savannah College of Art and Design to the Paris College of Art, in addition to my industry and software expertise, I have the credentials and knowledge to help you learn how to see your work in your favorite stores, and live your best life by doing what you love as a creative.


TLDR Humble Brag:

As an in-house designer, I've helped execute patterns and collabs with Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., Joanna Gaines of Magnolia and more!


Anne Brown, VP of Product Development at williamson home

Williamson home is a manufacturing company that works with artists and designers around the world and supplies products to major retailers such as tj maxx, wayfair, hobby lobby and more! Anne and Michelle are joining us for two guest expert interviews where you'll get to see a live and honest review of Jenna's licensing portfolio and a lesson on licensee and licensor communication best practices.

Check Out Our Guest Experts!!

But, wait! There's more!

Michelle Tacony, Associate Art manager at Williamson home

Grant Atkinson, managing attorney at framework law group

Grant is an expert in business and intellectual property law and he also happens to be jenna's attorney. He joins us for a guest expert interview on de-coding legal jargon in licensing contracts where grant walks through, line by line, an actual licensing contract Jenna received and defines each term, makes comments about what he would change or request and more! 

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