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Stationery Proof Design Template


  • 10-page beautifully designed custom stationery proof template for stationery designers
  • Includes gorgeous layout meant to educate your clients on printing methods and specs for their custom stationery
  • Includes both .ai and .psd formats for you to customize each artboard with your client’s designs and specs
  • An exact replica of how I mock up custom stationery jobs. Includes printing specs, clipping masks and layouts, etc.
  • *This template requires Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to edit. It does not include a layered file for Jenna’s stationery mock-up artboard. If you would like to create a similar page in your client proofs, go to to search for and purchase similar stationery mock-up templates!


Getting hired for custom stationery jobs, but have NO CLUE how to mock-up a design proof? This stationery proof design template has all the elements for you. Just plug in your details and send off to clients!

The custom stationery proofing process includes SO many little bits and moving parts. It’s hard to keep up with how to lay everything out, design it all pretty all while making sure you provide the education your client needs in order to know exactly what printing methods are being used, sizing, quantities, etc.

Each page in this template is made to act like the groundwork or the skeleton for every single custom stationery job…just get to adding your artwork and design for your client, and the rest of it will fall into place! Having your proofs set up like this will not only have your clients loving looking through their proof, but it will also get you as ready and prepared as possible for answering any questions about printing and production.

Don’t let any missed details fall through the cracks and cause a major headache later. Believe me, I’ve had to reprint entire jobs before because I forgot to list a detail about the printing method or paper type for the client!

PS. This template is made with Adobe Illustrator and saved for both .ai and .psd file types. You will need either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to view and edit this document. Also, this template is the perfect pairing to my course Pen to Press where I give a video lesson on building a proof! Check out the full course for a shortcut to becoming a stationery design pro!


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